Ladies Listen Up, Men Pay Attention To These Things Even If You Don’t!

 Women think that men barely notice things, but I can’t even begin to tell you, men notice more than we women do. In fact, the things that may seem normal to you might be really noticeable to men out there. But, the only difference men and women have when it comes to paying attention is that, women like to say it out loud whatever that catches their eye, men on another hand like to keep it to themselves.

Men pay attention to these things very closely even if the ladies don’t.

1. How much makeup you’re wearing.

Honestly, men may not know what a beauty blender and a highlighter brush are, but they do know stuff about makeup. Women think that men really like heavy makeup and bright lipsticks. Whereas in reality, men like nude makeup and the no-makeup look much more.

2. How much you eat.

Okay, this might sound weird, but please don’t take this the wrong way. Men really love women with a good appetite, and they have a legit reason for it. It won’t make them feel uncomfortable while they hogger at their meals.

3. Drinking preferences.

Yep, like your eating habits, men notice your drinking habits as well. If a girl can handle her wine, she can definitely handle a mess like him.

4. A color you wear often.

Okay, we may underestimate the various number of things that men notice, but this we definitely got to give it to them. They notice what color really suits your the best or what color clothes you frequently wear when you’re out. They might not say it to you directly, but they do notice.

5. What color nail polish you’re wearing.

I’ve had first hand experience at this one, I guess this works as some sort of proof for the men that their girls actually listen to them. I know a lot of feminists may find this a bit offending, but it is what it is. Men actually have a nail polish color preference that they ask their girlfriends to put on and dislike a number of colors as well.

6. The activity you enjoy doing the most.

They pay attention to this too, your most favorite activity actually brings out the real you, and he definitely adores watching you do it.

7. Your smile.

Aw, this is so true, men sort of feel like they’ve accomplished a great thing when they make a girl smile. It kind of strokes their ego. And who wouldn’t want to put a big smile on their girl’s face?

8. Your facial expressions.

The cute little faces you make when you’re in different moods. He notices them too!

9. Your favorite music.

Well, listening to our favorite music definitely puts us in a good mood, so obviously, he’s got to notice that to lift up your mood when you’re feeling down!

10. Things that really bother you.

Well, there can be two cases, either he notices them to annoy you really bad, or he never wants you to have to face those things that really bother you. In either he notices them.

11. What perks you up.

All of us have a special pamper preference, some crave back rubs, or hugs, or being smothered with kisses or breakfast at the bed. Whatever it is, if a guy loves you, he’ll make sure he gets it done.

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