If he does these things, he probably doesn’t love you

 More and more often, women go to psychologists with the question: Why they meet men who do not need relationships. The men’s world is not simple.

The same as ours. They live with us, they love us, and they play by their own rules. Women should know these rules in order to understand which game to lead and how to win.

We want to help you. We’ve prepared an article about these men. Let’s consider!

#1. Men who do not need a relationship

The first topic of our discussion is about men who do not need a relationship. You have a first date with the man of your dreams, everything is cool and you both have the same interests. Unexpectedly, he says that he doesn’t want a relationship but adds that he likes you and continues to communicate with you. Men are not women, who say “no” and think “yes”. You have to believe him. Take your bag and run away.

#2. Men can flirt

There are types of men who are always flirting. Not only with you but with all the girls he knows. This man could be from your work, gym or be your neighbor. He flirts with you but doesn’t invite you on a date. You should think about it and not take him seriously.

#3. Not about love

The man who like girls that is over 40 and doesn’t have a family or kids isn’t serious. He says he’s never been in love and you believe him. You will immediately want to pity him! You think that he hasn’t met the right woman yet and that you might be the one to change this. but after a while he ends the relationship. This is because he doesn’t need a relationship and doesn’t require love. This man likes to play you and makes you a fool. Do not even begin thinking about dating these kind of men.

#4. Message time

Most men like to message girls. He texts you sweet messages – “sweetheart”, “baby”, “my sun and stars” and you start to think that you are one in a million but it’s not like that. He texts other girls too and he doesn’t want to date you, just text you. Don’t waste your time on him and don’t worry because one day you will meet your own superman.

#5. You are interested in him, but he isn’t

If you notice that the constant initiator in your relationship is you, you should think about it! You always set up the dates and call him but there is no response. He likes to spend time with you until another girl appears. This means that he doesn’t take you seriously. Sometimes it isn’t easy to leave but you have to. Don’t waste your time with man who makes a fool of you.

#6. Men who are in other relationship

He insists that you have to spend time together but only at your home. You will watch movies and eat Chinese food. It sounds very cozy. This kind of man comes to you but he will never take you to public places. Why, you ask? Because he is in other relationship or even married. Avoid these type of men.

We hope our advices will help you understand men even more. Take care!

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