How Bad And Dangerous Is It To Fall Asleep With Wet Hair

Now that the weather is hot, the habit of falling asleep with wet hair becomes an everyday thing. However, even though your hair will be dry after 1 hour without being bothered and drying, there is another array of risks in which you fall.
First of all, you will not get sick with wet hair. Fast Health Course: A common cold is caused by a virus that has nothing to do with the temperature or moisture of your hair. However, this does not mean that sleeping with freshly washed hair should become your habit.

But still falling asleep with wet hair is dangerous for other reasons:
  1. Your hair will become dry, brittle and lifeless.
  2. You will sleep poorly and you will constantly have a cold feeling around your head and neck.
  3. The risk of neck stiffening is also high.
  4. The immune system can weaken.
  5. The number of bacteria will increase and develop.
  6. It is possible to appear dandruff.
  7. There is a risk of hair loss and fall.
  8. Due to the increased number of bacteria on the pillow, there is a greater risk of acne on the skin.
  9. More frequent headaches.
  10. You will lose more time in arranging your hair the next morning.
Of course, it should be noted that there is a difference between going to bed completely wet hair and wet hair.

Do not ever go to bed with completely wet hair because it can not dry itself alone during the night. It will remain wet even in the morning, and you can still get cold with it. When drying the hair, make sure that you do not wring it too much in the towel so that it will not be tightened, as it will only be sharper. Instead drain excess water hands, and then gently curl your hair in a towel.

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