Female Hair Loss Remedies

I like to offer my readers natural solutions. In order to do so, I often have to research things, even if I don’t have to use them myself. For the most part, I try to focus on problems I’m actively living with. But I do make exceptions.

One was when I wrote about hair loss. I wasn’t experiencing it at the time. However, years earlier, my hair got noticeably thinner. I blamed it on stress. Plus, my chronic nerve inflammation had kicked into high gear.

My body was unhealthy. And whatever was happening took a toll on my hair. Fortunately, this problem resolved itself on its own, without any action on my part. My hair grew back, but I remained sensitive to how distressing it was to look in the mirror and see that some of my hair had fallen out.

When I published an earlier post on Essential Oils for Hair Loss, I was well aware that natural remedies are increasingly used for thinning hair. Many of the positive reports are anecdotal. This means the remedies haven’t been proven to work. However, in the case of a certain essential oil recipe, there’s now scientific evidence it can stop hair loss and even lead to regrowth.

Female Hair Loss Remedies
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Anyway, about two months ago, I noticed my hair had thinned again. Once again, it happened after a period of stress. This time around, though, I wasn’t taking any chances. I wanted to use a natural hair remedy, rather than waiting to see if it grew back on its own.

My hair loss wasn’t so obvious to others. Actually, I’m not sure anyone else would have noticed if they didn’t examine my scalp. But it bothered me, a lot. I also worried that if I didn’t do something, this trend would continue. The good news is that I knew just what to do.

My first course of action was to order some essential oils. That’s because I knew about a special aromatic recipe that’s been shown to stop hair loss. The results of this study were published in Jama Dermatology. It’s a mix of four essential oils, plus a carrier oil. I already had lavender essential oil, but I needed three others, including the relatively uncommon thyme essential oil.

Female Hair Loss Natural Treatment
Even though I’m writing about female hair loss, because I’m a woman, the information in this article could also be used by men. That’s because the mechanism for hair loss is the same in both genders. It’s believed to be caused by a hormone known as DHT. Certain natural remedies, it’s thought, may be able to block the action of this hormone.

The first remedy I tried was the essential oil recipe. I mixed it with a carrier oil. In the study I cited above, natural jojoba oil was used as a carrier. If you can’t find jojoba oil locally, you can order it online.

I had grapeseed oil in the house. So that’s what I used. I mixed only a little bit of essential oil with the grapeseed carrier oil. Essential oils are very strong. So it was mostly carrier oil. A dilution ratio that’s considered safe is 2 percent. This means approximately 3 drops of essential oil to one teaspoon of carrier oil. (Essential oils are very safe when used as directed.)

Please understand, though, that I’m not a doctor. So I can’t give medical advice, make claims or promise that a certain product or natural remedy will work for anyone else. If you suffer from hair loss, please consult your physician to check for underlying metabolic disturbances.

Female Hair Loss Remedies
So to mix this, I’d need enough carrier oil to make it possible to add at least 1 drop of each of the four essential oils in this recipe. The essential oils used are

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Cedarwood essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Thyme essential oil

These aromatics need to be mixed with a carrier oil, before applying to your scalp. I can’t stress enough how crucial the carrier is. First, it protects your skin from the strong aromatics. Also, it helps “carry” whatever’s needed into your scalp. If you need a carrier, jojoba oil was used in the JAMA Dermatology study.

Hair Loss Natural Remedies for Women
The above recipe was my first line of defense. I used it faithfully (before every shampoo) for a few weeks. Then I tapered off. That’s because I’m also using a special botanic shampoo designed for hair loss. It seems to be working. Now, the essential oils are an occasional treatment. I think they’ve helped. But I’m relying upon the shampoo more, partly because it’s more convenient than putting oils in my hair.

So my game plan now is to continue using the shampoo, and I’ll do this indefinitely. About once a week or so, I plan to use the essential oil treatment. My hair is no longer alarmingly (at least to me) thinning. The spots where I noticed my hair thinning was on the top of my head. These spots seem to have filled in.

Home Remedies for Female Hair Loss
The name of the shampoo I use is Pura d’Or Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Gold Label. It’s made with natural ingredients, including aloe vera, argan oil, red Korean seaweed extract, and a number of other botanicals believed to be able to block DHT. This shampoo is also formulated without harsh chemicals, such as sulfates.

Even though the ingredients in this hair loss shampoo are derived from nature, I do find that it dries my hair unless I use it with a conditioner. So I also ordered some Pura d’Or natural argan oil conditioner.

Women Hair Loss Natural Remedies
Even though the mechanism for hair loss appears to be the same for men and for women, this condition is undoubtedly more distressing for women. I was horrified when I noticed the hair on the top of my head had grown thinner. I wanted to do everything possible to halt this process. I was pretty confident that essential oils and hair loss shampoo were going to help. But, if I wanted to take it a step further, I also could have taken Ayurvedic hair loss supplements. Because I take a lot of herbal remedies anyway, I didn’t feel as if I needed them.

One thing I didn’t want was to take was a prescription for hair loss. That’s because hair loss drugs have side effects. These can include rapid heart beat, as well as chest pain. Another potential downside is hair growth where you don’t want it. These reasons alone took this option off the table. Plus, whenever possible, I’d much rather use natural remedies instead of drugs. Female hair loss is a topic I’ve covered before. This earlier post also talks about the essential oil recipe discussed above, as well as a different type of dietary supplement designed to promote hair growth.

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