7 Indications That All Is Not Well With Your Body

The body works with clockwork precision and many functions are simultaneously at work. But once in a while, this complex machine falters and gives clear indications to that effect. The body does not fail overnight. Nor do diseases take hold all of a sudden. Our body always gives out subtle warnings at first long before it develops into a full-blown disease. The warnings and indications get stronger with each passing day.

We enumerate 7 signs which clearly warn that something is not right with your body and it needs help immediately.Carefully read and follow these signs and if necessary go to a professional for advice.

Brittle Nails And Bad Hair
Nails are dead cells but say a lot about our health. Pale nails could indicate anemia or diabetes. Brittle nails may also indicate thyroid problems. Fragile hair and nails arealsoa sure sign that you are suffering from vitamin B deficiency. To get them back to their normal self, increase your intake of milk and add some mushrooms and nori seaweeds to your diet.

Dark Rings Surrounding The Irises And Other Colors
Rings or circles around the eyes are normal if you are above fifty. But if young, the dark circles might indicate high levels of cholesterol. Puffy or swollen lower eyelids could point towards impaired kidneys. Yellow eyes could mean liver disease, cirrhosis or hepatitis. So be sure to see a doctor immediately.

Bleeding Gums
Vitamin C deficiency tends to show itself through bleeding of gums. Try to take in more lemons or citrus fruits, along with tomatoes, red bell peppers, cauliflowers and other Vitamin-C rich food. It will do you a world of good.

Skin Dryness
Dryness of the skin usuallyindicates vitamin E deficiency. To bring back the glow to the skin consume more healthy edible oils, fresh vegetables, fish and nuts. Itchy skin could also portend liver disease. Hormonal imbalance is also reflected in the quality of the skin. Chapped lips indicate vitamin B or B12 deficiency.

Sweet Tooth And Frequent Hunger
The craving for sweets is usually natural if you are exhausted, depressed or stressed. The body craves glucose in these situations. But if you resolutely want to avoid putting on weight, go for dark chocolate which is low on sugar but will satiate your sweet cravings. Honey also helps as it is natural and not processed. Leave out the cakes and pastries

Eating Ice
A sudden spurt in the desire to consume ice indicates either iron deficiency or anemia. Instead opt for more red meat, eggs and molluscs. But do not forget to visit the doctor if the desire persists and you feel that your energy levels are very low. Frequent hunger may also indicate diabetes or thyroid problems.

If you have trouble falling asleep, your body may be lacking in potassium and magnesium or either one of these. It could also indicate stress and mental illness. Consume oranges, spinach, tomatoes and bananas to fortify your body with these elements. Lack of sleep is the precursor of more problems.

So be sure to know your own body before you attend to other matters. It could be the entire difference between complete cure and irreversible damage.

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