You’ll never believe what this point on your ear can do. Press once and WOW

Just a push of the thumb!

Nowadays, many people are looking towards alternative medicine when treating illnesses. Commonly prescribed pills are not only packed with chemicals, but often come with serious side effects.
If you don’t like the idea of swallowing another pill and are looking to slowly expand your horizons, you should know that there are many alternative routes, including acupuncture. According to this Chinese form of alternative medicine, there is a specific point on the human ear that acts as a gateway to general wellness: the Shen Men, which translates to “heavenly gate.” Practiced in China for centuries, pressing this point on the external ear can help to relieve stress, anxiety, allergies, headaches, addiction, inflammation, depression, and pain.

For more details, check the instructional video:

You can stimulate the Shen Men by pinching the point on your upper ear between your index finger and thumb.

Moving your fingers in a circular motion, massage this point one to two times a day for about a minute.

This treatment is incredibly simple and one that people can perform anywhere, at any time. The best part? No side effects! If you are happy with the results of this practice, be sure to share with your loved ones.

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