You should not ignore these 7 signs of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is often cause by a sexually transmitted virus which is called HPV or Human papillomavirus. This virus has many variations, some of which actually lead to cervical cancer. As a matter of fact cervical cancer is one of the deadliest types.

Typically the immune system should take care of the HPV if you have it. The immune system is strong enough to fight it, but in some cases it can’t and in turn can lead to abnormal cell growth.

Read through these 7 signs which might potentially reveal cervical cancer
It’s a bit tricky to spot cervical cancer as it does not give much obvious symptoms. But if you are aware of the signs which might indicate its presence, than an early detection is in order.

Odd discharge
This is one common symptom which can be indication of this type of cancer. This can be a reason because the cells of the person’s uterine lining start to secret this odd water discharge.

If you notice small external warts, although this does not exclude internal as well, it can be a definite sign. This appearance of warts can indicate the person suffers from HPV, which consequently can lead to cervical cancer within the female population.

Any discomfort in the pelvic area or even bleeding can be a sign of cervical cancer. When abnormal cell growth starts, the walls of the cervix can be dried out. Even bleeding is a risk here as this may be indication of a more advanced stage of this cancer type.

Urinary difficulties
Sometimes you might experience problems while you try to urinate. The swelling of the cervix can press the bladder which additionally can make it much more difficult for the urine to pass through the system. Logically if this is the case you won’t be empty to completely drain your bladder.

If you haven’t made any changes to your lifestyle, meaning nothing’s changed with your daily diet, nutrition but you feel tired and you get easily exhausted then you should try to get examined for Anemia.

Leg pain, hips or back
This type of cancer as mentioned previously can cause swelling of the cervix. This in turn can restrict the blood flow to the legs and the other parts of the body hence causing pain and additional swelling.

Weight loss
Although this is a very common symptom, but it’s definitely one which deserves much attention. Loss of appetite can be a sign of many underlying problems. This is why, we need to pay more attention to signs like these. As mentioned previously, the swelling of the cervix can put pressure of the stomach therefore losing your appetite and leading to weight loss.

If you experience any of these signs, it’s best to consult your gynaecologists of what might be the underlying reason. Early detection is the key.

Here is a couple of factors which are known to be causing cervical cancer

Having many sexual partners

Compromised immune system

Unprotected sex

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