This Vaseline Trick Can Help You Remove Unwanted Hair

Vaseline or also known under the name of petroleum jelly. It represents a kind of triple-filtered ingredient, which is completely safe for using. Many products are made based on this petroleum jelly. They are used as cremes and soaps, cleansers, deodorants, lotions etc.

In  some countries Vaseline is used as a generic of the substance petroleum jelly.
The person who invented the Vaseline is called Robert Chesebrough in the patent for US.

He derived the name from one German word ‘Wasser’  which means water plus the Greek word ‘elaion’ which means olive oil. In case you didn’t know from where the name comes from, now you know.

As the people say, in 1859 , the owner of the Vaseline patent, went to visit some oil fields in Pennsylvania. This is the time when he see the  substance ‘rod wax’. In that time, people who were picking up the products from the fields, were removing the rod wax, and used it as a cure.

They applied on their cuts and burns, and that is how they revealed the beneficial usage of this ingredient.

So, Robert, the owner of Vaseline patent, then took some samples,  to his town, which is for information Brooklyn, and tested it. Once it resulted beneficial, he started to produce the product he called Vaseline.

From that time so on, people never stopped the usage of Vaseline.

The usage is highly beneficial, and with multi purposes. Today, people still use it for the same thing they used it in the past, and nowadays, it has even more usages than before.

This is a substance which is use for many purposes. It Is safe and very beneficial. For example you can use the petroleum jelly for preventing rashes from the diapers.

In case you cut yourself, you can use this substance and prevent some infections, and furthermore, it will make your skin softer.
Nowadays, its usage is worldwide. They are made in many flavors.
You can use it for creams and like soaps, cleansers, deodorant and lotions.

In case you cut yourself or burn yourself, you can apply some petroleum jelly, several times per day, it will be gone for 2 days.

Vaseline has the power to keep the skin moisturized, and it is used for dry and cracked skin.

In addition to this post we are going to present you, how you can eliminate the unwanted hair.

People use Vaseline to eliminate the hair like mustaches, public area and legs.

In addition, we are giving you the best recipe:

– 1 tаblespoon of grаm flour
– ½ tаblespoon of turmeric powder
– 3 tаblespoons of milk powder
– ½ teаspoon of Vаseline


You need to make a mixture out of all ingredients without Vaseline in a container.

The paste need to be homogeny.

When you have this paste, you can add the Vaseline and continue to stir.
Put on the zone where you want to eliminate the hair.

Leave it to sit until it is completely dry, close from 5 to 10 minutes,
When it is dry you can eliminate the paste and you need to do it in other way than the hair is growing.
You can use it for hair in the area in the upper lip.


As very important fact of this substance is that can have some side effect, These side effects can appear in case you’ve eaten some Vaseline.

Vaseline is good for making your skin softer, but it is not that good so the people can eat it. As the matter of fact people may cause some damages in their organism.

Also you shouldn’t use it as lubricant for masturbation. The reason for this is that you may have some consequences because it may irritate the skin.

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