Select Your Nose Shape and We’ll Tell You About Your Personality

Noses are a prominent feature on our faces and they impact our lives in several major ways. Not only do they help with breathing and detecting scents, they also protect us by preventing bacteria and other airborne debris from entering our bodies.

Noses also play a factor in our sense of taste and they affect the way our voices sound.

Have you every thought of the way you look? Do you know that the shape your nose reveal more about you than you might know!

This isn’t just mumbo jumbo, rather it comes from research that was conducted by an Israel professor, Abraham Tamir. Tamir collected more than 1,790 pictures of noses that included artwork like paintings and sculptures, as well as candid photographs of various people, taken from places throughout Europe as well as Israel.

Tamir went through all of the photos and matched each one up with a work of art that displayed a nose most similar to it. The personality traits which happen to be most commonly associated with each piece of artwork were then attributed to the matching nose shape.

Here are the results:

This isn’t a very common nose and somewhat resembles the snub. These are long and narrow and very symmetrical on each side. Although these noses are thought to be very attractive, studies have shown that these peeps struggle to reach physical and spiritual maturity. Still, though—they’re damn fine lookin’ so what are you gonna do? I’d still date Carey Mulligan.

People with Roman nose are said to be very headstrong and ambitious in nature. They are great leaders and have a very strong personality. They do not rush to making decisions and efficiently organize things.

The nose is straight, and its tip stretches downward. You’re a real optimist who can find a solution to any problematic situation. You always try to help others and make sure that everyone around you feels comfortable. You’re also a little more curious than other people.

You’re the definition of generosity, and you’re ready to share everything that you have with your loved ones. You always offer help and never leave anyone to deal with things on their own. But those around you would do well to appreciate your actions and be selective in their words and actions because you’re someone with a very sensitive soul and it’s not worth offending you.

Classical straight and narrow nose reveals an inspired person, but also very functional, which has the organizational skills. These are people who in times of crisis, are good to have beside you. Persons with Greek noses don’t panic, think logically and know the emotions linger for themselves. In the work they are very effective.

Ahh, the snub nose, the good old sub nose. This lil’ guy is relatively small, it isn’t protrusive at all, in any direction. Those with the SN react quickly, are quick-witted, and street-wise. They can sometimes be aggressive but are a whack of fun and full of energy. Whose got one? Well, Lily Allen, of course.

The nasal arch bulges out, and the tip is focused downward to an even greater degree than with a hooked nose. You’re a natural born organizer; any event – be it one associated with work or something more informal – will proceed perfectly with you at the helm.

This is because you always work honestly and can resolve even the most complicated tasks.

This nose is long and has a bit of a hook on the tip that points down. The ridge itself is usually curved and it’s very prominent. A very strong trait these people possess is that fact that they don’t care what others think of them.

You’ll never see them seeking approval but you’ll definitely see them working hard to achieve their goals, often rebelling along the way.

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