6 Signs That Indicate Your Liver Is Full of Toxins and Making You Fat

The liver has a great function in your body, it converts the nutrients in our diets into substances that the body can use, stores these substances, and supplies cells with them when needed, as well as transforms all the toxins into waste which is removed from the body.

But, as the time passes by, the liver function weakens, and its ability to eliminate toxins properly is reduced. In this case, the liver stores them in fat cells, mostly in the stomach area.

The decreased function of the liver can lead to serious health problems, such as fatty liver disease. There are two types of fatty liver diseases: alcoholic liver disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The first one occurs as a result of excess consuming of alcoholic beverages while the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is the result of high cholesterol levels or genetics.

Here are some of the symptoms that may be caused by excess fat in the liver, and initiate a need for body detoxification:

Unexplained Weight Gain

When your liver doesn’t function properly, and doesn’t remove the toxins from the body properly, the fat will circulate from the gut through the bile and back to the organs. Actually, this makes you gain weight.


Healthy liver creates antibodies that attack the allergens. But, when the liver function is decreased, your body stores those allergens, which lead to allergy symptoms like fogginess, itchiness, and headaches.

Chronic Fatigue

The low function of the liver can result in physical fatigue and ache. For a longer period of time, the tiredness can turn into irritability, depression, and angry eruptions.

Excessive Sweating

When the liver is working hard, its functioning is drastically reduced and that’s when the liver becomes hot. The liver has the ability to transfers the heat to the rest of the body, but in trying to cool itself, it indicates excessive sweating.


The hormonal imbalances is another symptom of unhealthy liver. Because of that are caused many skin issues like acne that don’t go away, and last until the liver’s functioning is improved.

Bad Breath

Even your oral health is perfect, if your liver is not functioning right, you may suffer from a bad breath.

How to Get Rid of Liver Disease

The proper balanced diet is the best way of releasing fat from the liver. Start eating more foods like dandelion root, sweet potatoes, bananas, liver, and ginger root, as they are the foods proven in easing and reducing the effects of a fatty liver disease.

Also, the breakfast smoothie is a good solution to use super power ingredients in your diet. So you can make your own smoothie with bananas, ginger and dandelion root, which is extremely effective in fighting this disease.

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