10 ways to make a man miss you

Ladies, doesn’t it feel good to be missed by your man when you are not around him?

But how do you make your man miss you?

Here are 10 simple tricks and tips that you should follow to make your man miss you and obsess over you like crazy.

1. Let your man be free: Don’t make him come up with fake reasons just to hang out with his friends. Give him room for that, while he’s chilling with his friends, it will come a time he will miss your presence.

2. Surprise your man to make him miss you: If you want your man to be interested in you for a long time, then surprise him every now and then. Let him not master or predict your moves.

3. Give your man time to miss you: Do not expect to be missed if you are always following him around.

4. Play hard to get to make your guy miss you: If you play hard to get, then his interest for you will grow continuously. Be the first one to hang up the phone after a conversation or text him goodnight instead of calling him.

5. Use social media to make him miss you: For instance, you can share photos of you hanging out with your friends. He’ll miss hanging out with you and will want to be more involved in your life.

6. Make yourself irresistible through soft touches: Let him miss those seductive touches you give him once in a while.

7. Ignore your guy on social media: Pretend to be busy by not liking all the pictures he posts on social media. Not chatting with him everytime you see him online will make him miss you more.

 8. Make him dream about you by texting him at night: Text him at night to ensure you are the last person he talks to before sleeping. However, don’t do this every day as it will make him lose interest.

9. Treat him as a friend: If you are in a new relationship, try treating your man as a friend once in a while. His mind will start wondering about the new changes, making him miss you more.

10. Listen to your man: Be a good listener whom he cannot afford to do without.

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