She Rubs Aloe Vera On Her Face. What Happens After 15 Minutes Will Surprise You!

Aloe Vera has amazing medicinal properties and thus has been used in lots of beauty products. However, you won’t have to spend money if you want to have soft and glowing skin; all you need to do is to try this easy and simple trick including only one ingredient. In a short period of time you will feel the results.

  • Wash thoroughly – use clear water to wash it well without peeling the plant;
  • Soften it – start thumping gently on it, or use a roller;
  • Cut it in two – this is done once you soften the leaf, however, do not cut it into a very large portion because you may use the other half next time. Cut only the right amount you will need for use;
  • Cut the edges – use a knife for this so that you can peel the leaf, in this way you will make the leaf easily open;
  • Slit it into 2 – once the edges are cut, slit open the leaf with your hands, but if it does not open easily, use a knife to slit through its center;
  • Scrape out the juice – take the juice out of the leaf by using a spoon; take out as much as you can so that nothing goes wasted and place it into a container;
  • Rub it all over your face – with your fingers apply the juice on your face, or you can use the leaf to rub the juice in; let it stay for 15-20 minutes;
  • Wash your face – the mask will dry off, thus you may start peeling it off of your face after which you will need to wash it without using any soaps or chemicals because it will defeat the purpose of using this remedy;
  • Flawless glowing skin – tap dry your face with a clean towel and Voila!

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