Find Out The Reason Why Your Stomach Hurts

Abdominal pain is not harmful in most of the situations, but on the contrary side, in some cases it may be the sign of a severe disease. If you know to identify the exact location of the pain in your abdomen, you can actually diagnose what is the disease that you are suffering from. This is still not enough to do, in order to have the confirmation for your predictions; it is important that you consult your doctor for fixing this problem.

Strong abdominal pain in almost every situation means that you are suffering from a severe disease. Even if your stomach pain is not strong but lasts for long, you need to pay attention because you may suffer from a chronic disorder that needs to be treated instantly!

It is obvious to feel your stomach hurt from time to time, but when the same type of abdominal pain lasts for more than two weeks, you should immediately see your doctor. If this is not your case, it is still a good thing to take a routine control, so that you make sure that your mild abdominal pain is not related to a serious disorder. Abdominal pain (when signaling a severe disease in the body) may be accompanied by other unpleasant side effects as well, such as blood in the stool, diarrhea, vomiting or long swell.


The below image is like the `map` of your abdomen and depending on different areas of the stomach, you can easily discover what is wrong:

1. Area number 1 indicates high chances to gallstones. In this situation, you can`t exclude inflammation of the pancreas or stomach ulcer either.

2. Epigastric hernia, inflammation of the pancreas, gallstones, indigestion, heartburn or stomach ulcers is your key risk, if you feel the pain in area number 2.

3. Area number 3 in the stomach is related to people suffering from bile duct blockage, pancreatic problems, duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer.

4. It is almost sure that you have kidney stones, if you feel the pain in area number 4. Lumbar hernia, constipation and urinary tract inflammation are three other risks you unfortunately can`t exclude in this situation.

5. Area number 5 indicates umbilical hernia, Crohn`s disease, inflammation of the large intestine, the initial stage of appendicitis, stomach ulcer or pancreas.

6. Pain felt in area number 6 signals diverticular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation and kidney problems.

7. When you complain about your pain encountered in area number 7, it means that you may be suffering from pelvic problems, appendicitis or constipation.

8. Area number 8 indicates inflammatory bowel disease, appendicitis and inflammation of the urinary tract.

9. Finally, you may be suffering from inguinal hernia, gynecological problems or diverticular disease, if you constantly feel the pain in area number 9 of your stomach.

It is very important that you go through these 9 areas of the abdomen and meditate on them, when your stomach pain lasts for too long or the pain is severe. Consulting with your doctor as soon as possible in this case is a good thing because you have high chances to save your life from the worst things.

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