You Have Been Using Sanitary Pads Wrong Your Entire Life

Sanitary towels are worn between the vulva and the underwear. There exist two types of sanitary towels: adhesives that stick to the panties, and with wings that wrap under the panties to keep the pad in place. On every 4 to 8 hours, sanitary towels should be changed so as to avoid getting over soaked.

Remove the sanitary towel from the package and unfold it.

Sit on the toilet and pull your underwear down just above the knees.

Now, remove the strip to reveal the adhesive on the back of the sanitary towels. If you are using sanitary towels with wings, there should be three strips: the main one and one on each wing.

Press the sanitary towels, with the adhesive side down, onto the crotch of your underwear. Then, fold the wings around the sides of the crotch of your underwear and press them against the underneath of the panties. If you are using sanitary towels that are designed for thong underwear, you must put the widest part of the towel facing the front of the underwear.

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