We Drink It Daily, But Don’t Know That It Causes Breast Cancer!

Breast cancer has become a serious issue among women nowadays as more and more ladies experience this awful disease. It is our duty to try and prevent this from ever happening and save our lives as much as it is possible.

However, the modern lives we live nowadays have even made us unaware of the dangers we are facing with by simply consuming products for which we don’t have enough information and sadly, don’t have the time to gather that information, so we put our lives at risk.

According to recent study women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have been consuming a lot more full-fat dairy products compared to women that have not done this, have a greater chance of dying rather than respond to medications.

The breast cells are encouraged to grow by the hormones called estrogen which is produced and stored in the fat cells. The dairy products in the US and a number of Western countries have been told to contain a large percentage of estrogen and progesterone due to the milk coming from pregnant cows sometimes, state the experts on this topic.

The dairy products which contain low-fat levels, on the other hand, are stripped from these hormones and therefore are safer to consume.

Women diagnosed with breast cancer, especially then ones with hormone-receptor-positive one, should consume more low-fat dairy products.

So what did the study involve?
A list of products like:
• cheese
• yogurt
• butter
• whole milk
• condensed milk
• ice cream
• pudding
• custard
• flan

The studying process lasted about 12 years and the results were astonishing! The women consuming high- fat dairy products had a 64 % greater chance of dying overall and 49 % more chance to die from breast cancer. Furthermore, the study gives us the connection between these dairy products and the outcomes of breast cancer, which is yet to be more thoroughly investigated and given to the public.

So what should you do in order to avoid this from ever happening?
• Stop drinking alcohol
• Quit smoking
• Start a healthy diet
• Keep your weight under control
• Take every medication the doctor gives you
• Work out

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