This Is What Happens If You Change Your Underwear Every Day

Hygiene lesson!

It is assumed that people change their underwear on a daily basis.
Since we were children, we were tough that the underwear must be changed every day.
This is a rule for all the people, there are no exclusions.

Underwear is a piece of clothes that is necessary to be washed and clean all the time.
If sometimes has happened to you to use the same underwear from yesterday, don’t do that again!
In addition to this article we are going to tell you why clean clothes are half of your health.
Changing underwear on a daily basis is a necessity.

All the panties if not clean can cause bacteria in our genitals. The consequences of bacteria are itching, pain and some serious diseases.

1. Unbearable scratching

Well, if the panties are not clean, that means they have bacteria on them. These bacteria can and will be transmitted to your skin, beside the bacteria they can cause ulcers. It will cause odor and it is highly unhygienic.

2. Large rashes and irritation.

If you feel scratching, you cannot stand if you do not scratch yourself. With this process you will cause irritation and ulcers.
At the beginning on the skin you may have little bumps which can easily and very fast be changed into open sores, if they are not treated. But, why to treat something which can be avoided by simply changing your clothes.

3. The shameful strong odors

If you are not changing the underwear on a daily basis, it means that you don’t take showers regularly. This is main thing to do in order to maintain good healthy live and hygiene on a high or normal level. In case you are not clean, you will stink and share odor, not only from your lower part, but from the whole you. The genitals must be clean, and stay hydrated, and spread pleasant smell.

4. Principal can develop infections

If you exercise on a daily basis, you will be sweaty. The perfect environment for bacteria is humid environment. So, nasty and dirty underwear will cause you a health problem.
In addition to this, cotton underwear is the best, because it will keep your skin breathing.

5. The risk of urinary tract infections

Infections of the urinary tract is very serious inflammation. The pain while urinating is very painful process for each woman. This kind of inflammation may cause a kidney infection, which is one of the most serious diseases.

Changing of the underwear on a daily basis will save your health.
There were made a lot of surveys on topic:

How often should we change our underwear?

The results showed that at least once per day we should change the panties.

In case you go to work, you need to change the panties two times a day.

If you exercise, or sweat a lot, you need to do the change any time you are sweaty.

The aim of this article is to raise awareness of hygiene, we need to be clean during the whole day and night.

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