See What The Two Holes On Your Back Says About You

We will share a little secret that your body kept away from you until now. Maybe you noticed that you have two holes on the lower part of your back. Read this article to find out what these holes are and what important secret they keep.

The two holes that are formed on the lower back are called Venus Holes for women or Apollo Holes for men. Both women and men can have them. You can find them in the place where two bones connect the pelvis. Do you have this beauty mark on your lower back too?

If you have them it’s because of the genetic predisposition or appropriate size ligaments. You don’t get them by choice. These holes are a sign that you have a healthy body and a good circulation.

The best part is that people who have these holes are very lucky because they can find it easy to achieve an orgasm. The Venus/Apollo holes facilitate good circulation and they are strategically located around the pelvic area.

You can’t make them appear on you back by doing exercises because they are located on a place where there is no muscle. If you are trying to lose fat, then they may become visible.

Also, these holes are believed to be a sign of beauty and that is why they were named after Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty.

How many new secrets will we find out about our bodies? If you find this article interesting then share it with your friends and you can also leave a comment to tell us your opinion about Venus Holes.

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