Don’t Do This When You Have Period, It Might Be Deadly – All Women Must Read!

Menstruation is the bloody time of the month, mostly unpleasant, sometimes very painful, basically real hell in couple of days.
In case you are one of the girls which are struggling with painful period, in addition we are going to present you a couple of tips which you should avoid during this time.

Having Unprotected $ex

In this period you need to know that intercourse should be avoided, but in case you are very determined to have, don’t do it without contraception.

Skipping Meals

We all know that during this period is not that good. You are losing blood, and with something you need to bring the energy back in order your organism to function just right.

Physical work

In case you have stomach pain or back pain, you need to avoid this kind of work because your period will be even more painful.

Eat fast food

When you are in that period you need to know that eating fast food is not good, because you won’t ring the right ingredients for proper function of your body.


This is almost impossible, so in case you can skip a couple of day from work, do it.
You need to rest and relax.

Staying Up all night

You need to practice going to bed early, because it is good for your health. Especially during your period, you need to eliminate the possibility for staying up all night because as much as you are awake the pain will raise.

Avoid Soda water

Avoid drinking ice water

You need to eliminate the usage of ice water because you may cause for the menstrual blood to remain I the uterine wall.

Avoid eating cucumbers

You need to know that eating cucumbers will cause staying the blood in the uterus walls.

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