Learn What The Shape of Your Lips Reveal About Your Sensuality

The first thing we notice about people is their physical appearance and it certainly contributes towards the people’s personality. Your physical appearance can determine whether you’re reserve or outgoing, shy or confident, etc. Did you know that your lips also affect on your personality and the shape of your lips can indicate your sensuality? Well, it’s true, sexy lips equals maximum sensuality.

Learn what the shape of your lips reveals about your sensuality:

1. Full lips
People with full lips are more attractive and they’re aware of it. They’re pretty sensual and sexy. It’s a true blessing to have naturally full lips.

2. Bow-shaped lips
These people are intuitive, sharper and more focused. They have dreams and they’re thriving to make them come true. They trust in their capacity and believe in themselves. These people won’t let you see their sensual side, unless you match their standards.

3. Down-ward turn lips
They tend to be more shy. They’re more reserved and their sensuality comes from their quiet and mysterious personality. They’ll let you keep guessing, intellectually and sexually.

4. Heart-shaped lips
People with this type of lips are naturally sensual. They’re kind and cute but can also be very sexual. They’re pretty seductive and can tease like no other.

5. Heavy lower lip
They love unconditionally and are really independent. They’re really sensual and sexual. They’re very confident about their looks and body and can take you places if you allow them.

6. Heavy upper lip
Your upper lip is the most sensual part of your body, since it reminds us of kissing. People with this type of lips are aware of their sensuality and they’re very accepting of their bodies. They can also be extremes. Sometimes they can be very sensual while others very cold.

7. Round lips
They’re mentally and physically active and they can be multi-talents. They’re hard working, creative and very talented. They’re smart, so they don’t fall for silly tricks.

8. Thin lips
They are honest, straightforward and smart. Their straightforward personality makes them incredibly sensual but not everyone can handle them.

9. Wide lips
They’re caring, sweet and loving. The fact that they can make you feel extremely safe makes them really sensual. They expect loyalty and they can rip you apart if you betray them. They’re gentle and sexy, powerful yet warm.

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