Start Regrowing Thick, Strong Hair Overnight With Just 3 Ingredients

Who doesn’t dream of long hair? Experts believe that approximately 50% of women are losing hair faster than ever. So, today I am going to share you the best homemade recipe that will regrow your hair quickly and you can start from today.

On an average, your hair grows by about half an inch every month. With the regular use of these 3 ingredients, your hair growth can be boosted by 4 to 5 times the usual rate.

The Three Ingredients

Castor Oil
Castor oil is becoming a popular remedy for hair loss and a helpful ingredient for hair regrowth. It has antibacterial, and antifungal properties to treat scalp infections. Castor oil is rich in antioxidants that help the keratin in hair to make it smoother, stronger, and less frizzy. Castor oil is rich in high protein content which in turn makes it very valuable to maintain hair health.

Further it nourishes your hair follicles and protect it from infections such as folliculitis.


  • Boosts faster hair growth
  • Cleans the scalp of toxins that can damage hair and slow growth
  • Reduces split ends and hair breakage
  • Moisturises hair and makes it soft, less frizzy, strong, shiny and smooth
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Strengthens hair shaft and adds volume to your hair
  • Promotes a healthy scalp

Egg Yolk
People have been using egg yolk as a treatment for strengthening hair from the olden days. Not only the hair, it is also an important ingredient for all skin care products. Egg yolk is rich in the vitamins such as Vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate that may make hair more resistant to damage and helpful in hair growth. The yolk may be especially useful to moisturize hair that appears dry.

Applying egg yolk to your scalp can infuse the root of your hair with vitamins. Thus, the new hair will grow out stronger and be less prone to breakage and shedding. Egg yolk hair mask is one of the best ways to prevent hair fall and increase hair growth.


  • Promote Hair Growth
  • Improve Hair Elasticity
  • Curb Breakage and hair loss
  • Heal Damage
  • Add shine

Honey is one of the best home remedies for all kinds of health and beauty problems. Honey is an emollient, which means it retains moisture in your hair and keeping it conditioned. So, you will be free from breakage, which is often a cause for slower hair growth.

How about trying egg and honey for hair? This combination will help combat the problem of dandruff, strengthen the hair follicles and promote growth of strong and nourished hair.


  1. Cleans the hair follicles by getting rid of impurities.
  2. Curbing hair fall.
  3. It has rich antioxidant properties which prevent damage, keeping your scalp and hair healthy.
  4. Prevents scalp infections and soothes issues like dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis.
  5. Stimulates hair re-growth from dormant follicles.
  6. Strengthens the hair follicles

Homemade Hair Mask for Thick, Strong, and Fast Growing Hair

  • 1 Egg yolk
  • 1 Tablespoon of honey
  • 2 Tablespoons of castor oil


  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and stir them well.
  • Gently apply this homemade mixture on to your scalp and hair roots, then apply the remaining mixture to the rest of your hair.
  • Put a shower cap on to cover all of your hair.
  • Leave as it is for 2 – 4 hours.
  • Finally, wash and condition your hair as usual.
  • Repeat this hair mask once or twice a week and in about 2 months you will be amazed at how gorgeous your hair is!


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