How to use baking soda correctly to whiten your teeth

Yellowing teeth (or tooth discoloration) is representing a common dental problem, which is causing discomfort when you are speaking or smiling, because of its unhealthy and unattractive aspect.
Dental enamel is more or less translucent, which means that the lower dentin layer is the one that determines the color of your teeth. Different variations in the structure of dentin can affect the color of the reflected light, resulting in a different hue attributed to the teeth.

Coloration can vary from yellow, yellowish brown , gray , gray or black and white spots, depending on the cause of their occurrence.
In general, this issue reveals the practice of an improper oral hygiene. The main cause of the dental plaque is the forming of a yellowish film on the tooth surfaces, which if they are not properly cleaned, can lead to other dental diseases such as tooth decay or gum inflammation.

If you are suffering from this kind of problem, you should stop getting frustrated and buying all those expensive treatments which have nu efficiency, and pay attention to this following natural, homemade and efficient treatment for teeth whitening:

Rinsing the mouth with baking soda helps against toothache. It is particularly effective against inflammation of the periosteum. Rinse mouth 5-6 times per day so you can avoid surgery.

Containing the abrasive properties of crystals, baking soda has the ability to whiten teeth. This has the effect of grinding your teeth, making the enamel to shine and the removal of yellow stains. Baking soda can prevent cavities, eliminating bacteria, so it is a basic ingredient in toothpastes. Before brushing, place a few grams of baking soda on your toothbrush and rub gently. However, do not use more often than once every 10 days because, as being an abrasive can damage teeth enamel naturally. Baking can replace toothpastes for whitening. Use a cotton dipped in baking soda and blot the teeth until the yellow stains will disappear. The result can be seen even after a single wash.

Or you could also mix a little baking soda with water and salt and use this tooth paste for whitening.  This mixture may have a plus of efficiency.


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