How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Weight loss often results in excess or loose skin. Generally, treating loose skin is possible by excision. The naming of this type of procedures is the so-called “lifts”. There are several factors that define how your skin becomes following your weight loss struggles. These factors include the number of pounds you’ve lost, your age when you achieved your weight loss goals, how many times you tried losing weight and then how many times you gained it back, and how quickly you got rid of your extra pounds.The idea to understand is the fact that the quicker you lose your extra pounds, the less times your skin is bound to naturally tighten.

Proper liquid intake:
Drinking plenty of water is not only beneficial for your overall health but it plays a significant role for your skin as well: it makes it look more radiant, smoother and become tighter. Make sure that you drink at least 6 glasses of water on a daily basis. It is even better if you can drink more than 6 cups! Hydration is the key factor for your skin and definitely improves its elasticity.

Tea salt scrub:
Tea salt scrub is proven for its ability of improving blood flow which is an important factor for a healthy skin. This is how collagen production and elasticity are both promoted and both things are crucial if you want to tighten your skin. Use a tea salt scrub at least three times per week, when you take a shower or a bath and see the fantastic results for yourself!

Weekly massage:
Integrating regular massage that involves effleurage movements in your routine at least one time a week is important, especially if you want to maintain the health of your skin. Massage involving effleurage movements is the type of technique that promotes blood circulation for the health of the skin. If you’ve decided to integrate this fantastic technique into your weekly routine for maintaining the health of your skin, you can find a professional masseur for yourself or learn to do the massage on your own.

The ideal cream:
Hundreds of creams out there are waiting for you that have the main role of both boosting collagen production and skin elasticity; however, important is to find the right product from the long list. After you’ve undergone a deep research on the market, you can easily choose the right and trustworthy cream for elasticity purposes of your skin. Be careful to do the research first; otherwise you risk spending money on useless products that will let you down!

A few words about moisturizing your skin:
It is important to keep in mind that you can promote new skin cells growth only if your skin is moisturized enough. If you really want to let your skin breathe and promote new skin cell growth, you need to maintain it as moisturized as possible. You can choose between smooth coconut oil and a high-quality E vitamin-rich lotion.

Exfoliating your skin:
Exfoliating your skin is another must that you need to practice day by day, for removing dead skin cells and improving blood circulation. You can choose from a wide range of mineral and seal salt scrubs available for sale on the market. Use such a scrub every day, when you take a shower and in a couple of weeks you’ll notice the difference – a tightened and smoother skin!

Keep a record of your weight loss evolution:
If you want to adjust the smoothness of your skin depending on your weight loss process, it is important to monitor your weight loss process, so you can see how many pounds you lose each week. Keeping your weight loss process under control is important for your skin because this is the only way how it can adjust its new size. The secret is not about losing weight fast – the quicker you get rid of your extra pounds, the more your skin loses from its elasticity!

Proper dieting:
There are two main components that promote skin elasticity: collagen and elastin. If you want to tighten your loose skin, you must eat properly, by having a protein-rich diet day by day. Great protein sources include nuts, seeds, fish, milk, beans and cheese. It is important to consume as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible in the same time.

Losing weight means calorie restriction, and along with a proper and balanced diet, you also need the right multivitamin supplement, so you can give all the essential nutrients for your body on a daily basis. The product that you choose must contain all necessary vitamins and minerals, like vitamins A, B, C, E and K. The key minerals, such as copper, zinc, selenium and others should also be present in your chosen multivitamin supplement.

Practice weight training:
For the best weight loss and smooth skin results in the same time, it is also important to have physical activity at least three times per week. Developing and practicing a workout routine that you’ll do from week to week is the best way to maintain your skin as smooth as possible, during the weight loss process. Lifting weights is the best workout routine for lean muscle building, proper weight loss and smooth skin purposes.


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