9 Most Amazing Uses Of Aspirin That You Have Probably Never Heard Of!

Salicylic acid has been long used as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent, ably preventing blood clotting and treating heart-related diseases.

This salycilic acid is a key ingredient of aspirin, which is commonly used to treat pain and reduce inflammation.

It is worth mentioning that aspirin therapy helps prevent cancer, too. According to a recent study published in the Annals of Oncology, taking aspirin may help prevent some types of cancer.

The researchers explain that its effects are visible at least three years after the start of use and some benefits appear a few years after stopping the daily aspirin therapy.

According to Dr. Jack Cuzick, head of the Centre for Cancer Prevention at Queen Mary’s University of London in the United Kingdom, in those between 50 and 65 started taking aspirin at least 10 years, there would be a 7 % reduction in number of cancers and heart attacks in women and 9% reduction in men.

Additionally, aspirin can be used for many different purposes, too. Check them out!

1. Helps with Insect Bites and Stings
Rubbing aspirin over an insect bite or stings reduces inflammation and relieves the itching in a matter of seconds. But, make sure you visit a doctor in case you are allergic to bee stings.

2. Treats Pimples
Aspirin works wonders when it to acne and pimples. Crush the pill and mix the powder with some water. Then, apply the paste onto the affected area and leave it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off with soap and water.

3. Rejuvenates the Skin
Salicylic acid found in aspirin treats swelling and redness and it also eliminates excessive oil and dead skin cells. All you have to do is to crush 5 pills and mix the powder with a teaspoon of honey and ¼ cup of water. Apply the paste onto the skin and leave it on for about ten minutes before washing it off with water. Using this mask on a regular basis helps treat all sorts of skin issues and it rejuvenates the skin, too.

4. Treats Calluses
Crush 5 pills and combine them with half a teaspoon of honey and some lemon juice. Apply the mixture onto the calluses, wrap the foot in a warm towel, and secure with a plastic wrap. Keep the calluses under wraps for about 10 minutes, so that the acidity softens them. At the end, rub the feet with pumice stone.

5. Gets Rid of Dandruff
Crush 2 aspirin pills and add the powder to the shampoo you regularly use. Shampoo the hair as usual and wash it off after a few minutes. This simple trick both prevents and treats dandruff! “Applying aspirin mixed with shampoo to your scalp may help reduce scalp inflammation that causes dandruff and help exfoliate flakes on the skin,” says Zeichner.

6. Restores Hair Color
Chlorinated water causes significant damage to hair`s quality, especially to light-colored hair. The good news is that dissolving 6-8 aspirin pills in a glass of water and rubbing the hair with this solution helps restore its color and shine. For optimal results, make the solution work for 10-15 minutes.

7. Eliminates Stains
Perspiration stains can be extremely annoying! To get rid of them, simply crush a few aspirin pills and mix them with half a cup of water. Soak the stained part in the solution and leave it on for a few hours. As simple as that!

8. Eliminates Grease from Cookware
Mix a few aspirin pills with some water and rub the cookware with this cleaning paste. The grease and dirt will magically disappear!

9. Makes Your Garden Grow
Adding a crushed aspirin pill in the base water of the plants postpones their withering and keeps them fresh for longer. According to Judy Jernstedt, professor of plant sciences at UC Davis, the “salicylic acid reduces ethylene production, and with less ethylene present, floral senescence is delayed and the flowers last longer. The anti-fungal properties of salicylic acid dissolved in the vase water may also slow growth of mold, which if it enters the cut stem, can damage or clog the vascular tissue.


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