7 simple ways to find out if you have bad breath

According to statistics, from halitosis, or an unpleasant breath, nearly 25-30% of the people suffer in the world.
If your problems are not related to tooth, gum, or stomach illnesses, and occasionally you are unsure of yourself, use these simple and effective methods that we have collected for you.

Lick the root of your hand
Make sure to do this in the middle of the tongue where most bacteria accumulate. Wait 5-10 seconds and smell. If you do not like the scent, you should wash your teeth or use a mouthwash. Do not perform this test immediately after washing your teeth, because the result will not be credible.

Swipe your finger over the root of the tongue
This method is more accurate than the first, if you manage to get your finger right through the root of the tongue. Wait until the saliva is dried, then smell the finger. Do not forget to do this with clean hands.

Breathe in a clean glass
You can also use a cup, plastic box or bag. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale through the mouth into the container, which are maximum approached to your face, and then breathe through the nose. Rate the result.

By the way, blowing in the hand is not effective, because the scent from the mouth is mixed with the smell of the hand.

Use cheesecloth
Take a small piece of cheesecloth, rub the surface of the tongue, and evaluate. Yellowish deposits indicate an increase in sulphide secretion, and this means an unpleasant breath.

Remove layers from the tongue
With the help of a plain spoon or a special scraper, remove a part of the layer from the surface of the tongue and evaluate it. What is the deposit is darker, the more likely the presence of an unpleasant smell.

Experiment with mirror
Stand in front of the mirror and scroll the tongue to the maximum. If there is a deposit on it, then it probably has an unpleasant smell. And remember, as the deposits are darker, you should first use a toothbrush or mouthwash.

Evaluate taste in your mouth
If you do not like your taste in the mouth, you probably won’t like the smell. However, do not forget that you can feel special taste for a limited amount of time, if you eat something hot, spicy or sweet. In this case, you can help ordinary chewing gum.


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