5 Dangerous Skin Care Routines You Need to Quit Immediately

Taking care of your skin is fine, right? No harm done. Your skin develops some blemishes, you run to the store, get some ointment, and apply it. But, what if it goes overboard? What if, in your struggle to make your skin beautiful and healthy, you are actually harming it? And this isn’t just a myth. People do mess up their skin when they are trying to fix it or make it better. Don’t do that. Every ointment comes with a manual which you can read. Go on the internet and try to find certified procedures for skin treatment or continue reading ahead.

Here are 5 skin routines that you should stop doing immediately!

New Treatment Every Week for Acne

You might be one of those people who are extremely impatient and try out different ointments weekly. This will destroy your skin.


Every human being has different skin. Some ointments might suit some and some won’t. In this situation, all you have to realize is that any ointment takes a small period of time to actually start working. Be patient for 6 weeks and if there is no sign of improvement, feel free to change ointments.

Applying Ointments Only When There is a Breakout

Applying ointments only on blemishes is bound to lead to other blemishes breaking out over a period of time.


Don’t just apply it to places where there is an acne. Apply it gently over the acne-prone skin, so even if there is an outbreak, it would be controlled and terminated before it can go beyond control.

Buying Wrong Makeup And Hair Products

Too much oil in products would lead to an acne breakout.


Try to buy hair care and makeup or skin care products which are ‘non-comedogenic’ in nature. This means the products you buy wouldn’t be clogging the pores in your skin, thus preventing acne from breaking out.

Sharing Products and Kit

Sharing skincare products with people might lead to problems in your own skin.


When you borrow makeup kit or products from other people, the dried up skin cells, hair, or dried up blood and oil might mix with your skin composition, which will lead to problems in your skin. It is best to never share or borrow shaving or makeup products with anyone. For, your skin composition may never match anyone else’s. And any difference from what you use will result in infections.

Sleeping With your Makeup On

You come back from an exhausting party late in the night and fall asleep on your couch without taking your makeup off. You wake up in the morning with it half smeared on your precious couch and half of your face itching as the pores are clogged. This will definitely lead to acne.


Always remember to take your makeup off, no matter how tired you are. It won’t take much time. And if your makeup is an oil product, then you can simply use some makeup remover.

Your skin is your responsibility. You might as well take care of it. Don’t take a bath in hot water even when it is winter, for it won’t be good for your health. Always use lukewarm water.

Follow these tips to save your skin from getting harmed.


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