This is How To Heal Gum Disease In a Week (Or Less!)

Gingivitis is the “softest” form of periodontal disease. If you do not treat gingivitis on time it can advance to periodontitis. There are many levels of diseases from this stage on.

Aggressive periodontitis can occurs in people who already have gum disease but they seem to be completely healthy. If chronic periodontitis occurs, bone loss as well as inflammation of the supporting teeth tissues comes with it.

Necrotizing periodontal disease is disease which includes a severe infection in the bone, periodontal ligament and gingival tissues. There is also Periodontitis -- a manifestation of other diseases.

Gums can be healed within a week, if not in just a few days. This goes to all other gum diseases besides the previously mentioned. No matter what kind of disease is causing your periodontitis, make sure you always fix the gums.

But your mouth can reach higher level of health if you follow the following practices, regardless of any other chronic health conditions. Anyone who has experience with metal fillings or root canals should follow the procedures indefinitely.

As long as your teeth are not completely filled with filling material, there is still hope for their treatment. Even teeth with depleted enamel and visible cavities have a “second chance”.

Every Recovery Starts With a Proper Diet And So Does This One.
If you eat acidic, nutrient robbing junk your gums and teeth will surely rot. While fixing your gums, make sure you get the right nutrition. This way you will keep your gums healthy and your whole body for that matter.

Fresh, Organic And Raw Vegetables Are The Most Important Part of The Diet.
Fruit is the second most important part while every other type of foods is a distant third. You should eliminate processed and refined foods, refined sugar (such as like sodas). Sodas are so acidic that they literally push vitamins and minerals off of your gums and teeth as they pass through. White rice and most breads cause the same.

Do Not Smoke!
Even smoking cannabis is very unhealthy for the teeth and gums. Smoking brings a huge concentration of carbon and free radicals into the mouth that causes chemical reactions. These chemical reactions are depleting the mouth of minerals and vitamins due to cell damaging.

Chew Some Garlic.
Chewing garlic maybe sucks but at least it is worth it. Chew garlic on a regular basis. Also make sure you eat garlic with salads. Eats lots of different vegetables and make lots of diverse salads. Remember to chew the garlic with your mouth open and breathe through it as well, not through your nose.

Fix The Intestines.
No matter what kind of infection is in your mouth, that same infection is also in your intestines and in your blood stream as well. If you fix the intestines, everything will fix itself.

Take Up Oil Pulling.
For this, try using coconut oil with a little bit of Shillington’s formula or essential oil with microbe killing properties.

Flossing can prevent cavities at the gum line and can speed the gum healing process as well. When flossing, even if your gums are bleeding, do not give up on this habit because flossing is very important if done properly.

Bad bacteria and candida are always present whenever there is infection. By “bad bacteria” we mean bacteria that harm us. Often there are different kinds of parasites that we must be aware of.

Make Your Own Toothpaste!

Toothpastes and mouthwashes most people use are junk. This includes most of the overpriced branded products in the local health food store. Both brushing with unrefined sea salt and baking soda and chewing on garlic are more beneficial for our teeth than any kind of toothpaste bought at the store.

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