The Test That Tells You If You Have A Healthy Liver

The liver is one of the most important organs and performs over 500 functions. Take the test from below and find out if it’s healthy or needs a detoxification.

What should you do?

Honestly answer the following question: What is the maximum amount of alcohol you drink each week?

If the answer is three drinks or less, it means that your liver is healthy and younger than three years of your real age. If the answer is four, your liver is your age. But if you drink more than five drinks, your liver is older than you and you should give a special care if you do not want to have problems.

The liver is able to regenerate, but when the liver filters alcohol, some cells die. If you drink a large amounts of alcohol for a long time, does not regenerate cells and causes serious health problems.

What should you do to have a healthy liver

If the test result worries you, take some action. First, do not drink more than one glass of wine a day. Second, reduce the amount of fat in the diet, to prevent cirrhosis and liver cancer. Sport and recreation are also important roles when it comes to liver health.


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