How to Get Rid of Pigmentation Spots

Have you recently noticed darker spots on your skin that don’t disappear?

After a sunny holiday, instead of natural tan small dark spots remain on skin, resembling to freckles.

– Don’t abandon SPF 50+ cream, whatever the season and weather conditions.

– As shown, this pigmentation spots can be removed with laser interventions, however, once stimulated, the melanocyte has “memory”. So, relapse can be quite large if you don’t use sunscreen.

– Their removal can not be done in one intervention, because the spots are not superficial, but are quite deep! You need more sessions to remove layer by layer from each pigmented spot.

– Left untreated, pigmentation spots fix better on the skin, so their elimination will be more difficult.

– Before the laser / or intense pulsed light interventions to remove pigmentation spots were invented, depigmenting creams were widely used (with weak or absent effects since brown spots are often located deep in the skin, placed where no cream can act).


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