How To Get Rid Of A Headache In 60 Seconds?

Headaches can sure ruin your day, even if it is the most beautiful and sunny day. This unpleasant condition can easily make one anxious and frustrated. The causes are always different and the intensity often varies.

Before you hit the nearest pharmacy, we suggest that you try three effective tricks that will only take a minute.

If you are one of those people who subconsciously grit their teeth every time they are anxious and stressed, then you should probably know that in this way the muscle that connects the jaw to the temple gets easily tired, which often results in a headache.

To avoid this unpleasant condition, take a wooden pencil and bite it! Yes, it really works. This will relax your jaws and prevent the headache.

If sinusitis and allergies cause your headache, mint is the perfect solution for you. Take some baby oil and add a few drops of mint essential oil. If you prefer using natural products, you can use olive oil instead of baby oil.

Use your fingers to apply the oil mixture on your forehead, and gently massage the temples. Circular movements work best. A minute is just enough, but you can massage your forehead as long as you want.

It is an ancient technique that involves mild pressure on certain points on your body. It is an efficient way to relieve body aches. First, locate the thenar space. It is the area between your thumb and index finger.

Apply some mild pressure on the spot and do a gentle massage using circular movements. It should take a minute or more if required.

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