How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs

Something that many women put up with are baby hairs/flyaways. They’re either taking over our forehead, sticking up at the lining of our hair part, or both. It’s a good idea to learn three things when it comes to dealing with this problem: What causes them, how to prevent them in the future, and how to tame the ones you have. (There are ways to completely remove your baby hairs but I don’t recommend doing this. Kim Kardashian got hers laser-removed and immediately regretted it. I know that some people also pluck the hairs on their forehead or shave them but it’s just a bad idea… not something you want to start because you can’t really go back) Anyways, I’m going to show you some ways to ‘get rid of baby hairs’ by learning damage prevention and ways to tame them.

What’s Causing Them?

• Natural hair growth

• Breakage

• Straightening and/or curling with hot styling tools

• Excessive blow drying

• Brushing your hair incorrectly

• Roughly brushing wet/dry hair

Baby hairs can be both natural and caused by damaging your hair. Everyone has naturally occurring baby hairs since hair is always growing but some people have it a lot worse than others. If you take care of your hair properly, you won’t have to deal with the frizzy-flyaway baby hairs that are caused by breakage. The breakage-causing habits above are what you need to be careful about: straightening and/or curling with hot styling tools, excessive blow drying and roughly brushing wet/dry hair.

Preventing Baby Hairs

HEAT PROTECTION. The #1 breakage-causing habit is using hot styling tools and blow drying hair without using a heat protectant. If you already use one and still have this problem, I would stop using it and get one of the ones I recommend. If you’re motivated to get rid of baby hairs, this is something you must do. Protecting your hair from heat damage is so important. It’s the difference between having nice healthy hair or… not having nice healthy hair. Of course there are other components that go into it as well but heat protection is HUGE. I’ll list my two favorites below. (Heat Protecting Treatment is best for thick or curly hair)


Option 1: After the shower.

On damp hair, use a tiny tiny bit of hair lotion or serum on your hairline to smooth hairs down.

Option 2: On dry hair.

On dry hair, apply dry shampoo to your roots and massage it in. (This is so the serum/hair lotion won’t make your scalp get oily or have an oily looking effect.) Then use a small amount of the serum or hair lotion to smooth down the baby hairs.


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