Drop Up To 10 Pounds In 2 Weeks By Following These Weight Loss Tricks

Have you been trying to lose some weight but it just seems too difficult and stressful for you to get the wanted results? This article will definitely help you lose the unwanted stubborn pounds like crazy. Continue reading and learn more.

1. Consume a high protein food along with a glass of water before meals
You will accomplish two important things in regards to your overall health. First of all you will be supplying your body with the best fat burning nutrient on this planet – protein. Second you will also supply your body with one of the core factors of your health, which of course, is water. Following this, it’s apparent that if you have protein and water before every meal you will lose weight.

Not only does protein curb your appetite and keep you feeling full, it’s also a great boost in burning fat and building lean muscle tissue. Even more interesting is the fact that protein slows the process of absorbing bad fat from foods. The best way to ingest protein before a meal is in the form of a protein shake. One scoop of whey protein and 8 ounce of glass of water before a meal, will make wonders for your appetite, make you feel full, even energetic instead of loaded after you’re done eating, not to mention how much quicker you’ll lose weight!

2. Apple cider vinegar is a very powerful drink to include in your diet
The health benefits are almost magical! Apple cider vinegar gives a quick energy boost, it helps with common illnesses, decreases inflammation and pain, increases your metabolism, suspends hunger strike etc. For best results, I recommend three servings everyday, before each meal.

3. Add Salba to your meals!
You might ask what is salba? In the form of fine granulated seeds, salba is an amazing super food and you can add it to just about everything. The interesting thing about salba is that besides the enormous health and weight loss benefits, it has no taste, which means you don’t have to worry about the flavors of your favorite dish! It can be added to yogurt, pasta, oatmeal, salads etc…

The health benefits are vast. It improves heart and cardiovascular health, joint function and mobility, digestion and natural detoxification, reduces hunger and cravings, and even provides natural energy. Once you try salba, you’ll notice a significant boost in energy and a healthy appetite.

4. Surprise your metabolism
When you wake up in the morning, you can start your day with a quick 5 minute high intensity circuit training routine. This routine will shock your metabolism and give a good shake up. For example, you can do 5 push-ups, 10 body weight squats, 10 lunges, 10 jumping jacks, and then a 1 minute jog in place.

5. Annoy your metabolism
As mentioned above, the key to weight loss and burning fat is waking up your organism, increasing you metabolism rate to keep it running throughout the day. So, what you have to do is, annoy your metabolism! The way to do this is to keep your metabolism active through the day, and to make the right choices regarding nutrition.

You will achieve this by consuming a different number of calories through the day. By flipping your nutrients around, your metabolism doesn’t recognize a specific pattern. And so, the metabolic rate will not only increase, but it will keep going strong the whole day.

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