9 Stroke Symptoms That Everyone Ignores

Stroke is a decrease of the blood flow to the brain due to a clot or bleeding and it is considered as an emergency case. Treat it appropriately and on time, and reduce the risk of permanent damage to the brain tissue. So do not waste your time thinking whether you should go to the hospital or not. Learn how to identify the symptoms and react on time!

There are treatments for stroke that should be applied within the first three to four hours after the stroke, including drugs that attack the clot. This is why fast response is crucial, explain neuroscientists.

If you have any of the following symptoms or notice them in another person, immediately call emergency.

Vision Problems

Stroke can cause double vision, blurred image or complete loss of vision in one eye. People obviously do not know this fact, taking into account the results of a study that involved a group of 1,300 people, and showed that only 44 percent of them were aware that stroke can cause vision problems.

Difficulties in Speaking or Confusion

Even in cases of a mild stroke, it may still cause difficulties in communication, as it often impairs the ability to express and understand the speech. If the person cannot normally pronounce a sentence and mixes the words, the chances he or she suffered a stroke are 72 percent.

Weakness in Limbs

After a stroke, the lower limbs usually become weak and harder to control, or even completely paralyzed. The stroke mostly affects the arm or leg on the opposite side of the brain hemisphere that is affected by the stroke. Extend both hands with the palms facing up and hold them in that position for 10 seconds. If one of the arms begins to fall uncontrollably, it indicates weakness in the muscles, which is a sign of stroke.

Dizziness, Loss of Balance

If you suffer from dizziness, nausea, and you cannot move properly, you may have suffered a stroke. Patients often confuse the symptoms of stroke with other medical conditions. Dizziness is sometimes prescribed as a viral symptom, but it can be a completely different sign.


Pain is not a typical symptom of stroke, but if you feel a sudden and severe pain in your hands, feet, fingers and one side of your face, it is certainly a cause for concern.

Severe Headache

Sudden and extremely severe headache, which can be categorized as one of the worst you have had, is a common symptom of stroke. This pain in combination with stroke commonly occurs in women and younger people who suffered from migraine in the past.

Sudden weakness of the muscles on one side of the face can be a clear indication that you have suffered a stroke. Try to smile or show your teeth. If you can not control the muscles on one side of the face, it is almost certain that you have had a stroke.


In normal situations, hiccups are a harmless and short discomfort. But when it comes to stroke, which affects the respiratory center in the brain, it can cause sudden and prolonged hiccups, which happens more often in women.

Heavy Breathing And Tachycardia

You cannot get enough air? You feel like your heart skips a beat or your heartbeat is too fast? Studies have shown that these symptoms of a stroke are more common in women than in men.

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