6 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World`s Most Important Herb

Science greatly supports the use of turmeric, and people have been using this medicinal herb for a very long time to improve their health.

Turmeric is powerful enough to be used in the place of some pharmaceutical drugs. It has less side-effects than synthetic medications, and the number of health benefits from using turmeric is  high, which demonstrates its positive effect on more than 160 different medical conditions.

Turmeric is safe to use, compared to hydrocortisone, chemotherapy drugs and ibuprofen. No medical drug has come close to its 6,000-year record of safety in Ayurvedic medicine — not even some supposedly modern pharmaceutical miracles.

Even though turmeric has great potential to protect human health, it is not a drug, so it can’t be patented.  The FDA wouldn’t be able to receive a profit from it, so therefore, would probably never approve it.

The old aphorism “he who owns the gold makes the rules” goes for the FDA’s ‘gold standard’ for proving the value of a potential agent or substance. The FDA has requested that no clinical trials occur, unless a potential investor agrees to risk losing 800+ million dollars which would need to be spent upfront.

GreenMedInfo.com conducted a study which involved and reviewed more than 5,000 abstracts from the National Library of Medicine’s bibliographic database, known as MEDLINE.

It has been found that turmeric has over 600 potential benefits, and researchers also discovered its primary polyphenol, known as curcumin.

We have listed some of the most potent healing properties of turmeric:

-- Protects against radiation-induced damage
-- Prevents and reverses Alzheimer’s disease associated pathologies
-- Destroys multi-drug resistant cancers
-- Protects against heavy metal toxicity
-- Destroys cancer stem cells (the root of cancer)
-- Reduces unhealthy level of inflammation
Turmeric can improve any health condition that don’t respond to conventional treatments, but that’s not all. There are over 600 other health conditions that could be possibly prevented and treated with turmeric.

Take into consideration the fact that turmeric grows in almost every part of the world, and you can surely understand why it is such a dangerous threat to the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn more about the research in this video (keep in mind that the video is old, so it may need some updates) and share the information to your close family and friends, so they can all learn more about the healing power of turmeric.

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