Why You’re Not Losing Weight – 10 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

You exercise every day, count the calories in every single portion, fruits and veggies are your best friends, but nothing seems to help and you can still see those excess pounds in the mirror? Could you possibly make some mistakes in your routines?

We have listed some of the most common mistakes people do when trying to lose weight. We have also suggested some tips on how to actually get some better results.

1. Foods High in Calories
Yes, you may eat certain products that are considered to be a lot healthier than regular junk food, but they do not always contain less calories. It should not come as a surprise, but some fruit or vegetable shakes and juices are pretty high in calories.

If you have problems counting the calories you eat, simply write down the portions of everything you eat. You can either consult a nutritionist or determine the perfect amount of calories that is best for your body on your own. After you are done with the planning part, make sure you stick to it if you want to see some good results.

2. Dietary Snacks And Desserts
When following a special diet regimen, many people choose low-fat snacks and desserts that do not contain sugar. You probably know that by eating these foods you enter twice as much calorie, so try to avoid them.

3. Same Type of Exercise
You need to lose some weight or get rid of the belly fat, and you are convinced that certain exercises provide the best results, so you are practicing the same exercise every day. Why? You can not lose weight if you neglect the cardio exercises, and actually regular active exercising will help you burn more calories.

4. Do You Drink Enough Water?
We have largely discussed that drinking enough water is more than necessary, especially during the winter months. Always remember that. Forget about all those drinks and shakes, because water is the healthiest drink you need. If you drink plenty of water you will sure stay away from the sweetened caloric drinks.

5. Cooked Food
Fresh foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, unlike processed food that do not preserve the nutrients during the cooking process, and they contain much more calories than you probably know. May fruits and vegetables be your first choice and make sure you eat a variety of healthy and fresh foods!

6. Skipping The Breakfast
You do not have enough time, you are always on the run, and you practically forget your breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day, because it will fill you up with energy, prevent premature starvation and overeating during the whole day.

7. Starving
Starving throughout the day, then eating a large and unhealthy sandwich is sure not the best way to lose some weight, plus these meals are directly converted into fat.

8. Exercising is an Obligation
You want to lose some weight, but you would rather skip the gym. You should not consider exercising as a torture, it should be experienced as a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity is not only good for your body, it will provide some health benefits for your psychological health, too.

9. Being Negative All The Time
You are convinced that you will not lose weight and you blame it to the genetics. Negative attitude wil never get you the results you desire, and all your efforts can even have a negative outcome.

10. No Plans
As we already said, you have to make a plan that you would stick to. The desire for having a nice and firm body will help you make it.

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