Trying To Lose Weight? Make These 3 Little Changes In Your Life

Over and above the bigger changes that you're going to make to your life, you need to keep in mind the smaller things that will aid your weight loss

Losing weight can be a mammoth task if you don't include the small changes you ideally should be focusing on in your quest for weight loss. So you joined a gym and began your weight loss diet - but here's the thing, unless you adhere to the smaller changes that facilitate weight loss, your weight loss journey is going to be a rather difficult one. Over and above the bigger and more significant changes that you're going to make to your life to lose the extra kilos, you need to make sure to keep in mind the smaller things that will aid your weight loss journey. Here are a few little changes to make to your lifestyle that can help you lose weight.

1. Utilise those commercial breaks
How many of us waste time just sitting on our phones or flipping through channels when there's a commercial ad break on TV? Instead, get up and move. Use that time to do some jumping jacks or just walk around. We all spend a good amount of time watching TV every week. If we spent some of that time moving around, it would add up to more time spent being active. You can see the direct correlation here, we're sure.

2. Take the stairs
If you need to get up to the tenth floor, you can be excused - but walking at least five of those floors is completely doable. Balance and figure out what you can and cannot do. And often as you can, take the stairs. Start with climbing a few flights per day and build up your stamina as you go. Your waistline will thank you.

3. Make your coffee old school
Which essentially means, skip out on those fancy cold coffees and caramel macchiatos. Drink your coffee the way your grandparents would - with a dash of milk and sugar if you need. Those blended drinks you get at your favourite coffee shops are practically dessert in a cup. So make your own coffee, or if you don't have time, buy an americano and add the milk in separately.

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