4 Serious Diseases That Can Be Caused If You Often Eat Processed Meat Products

Processed meat products, such as hotdogs, sausages and salami contain a lot of calories, fat and salt. If you consume this kind of food regularly, several times a week, your body runs at a high risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

You have probably heard that meat products are not good for your health, but actually you do not know the whole truth about this unhealthy food products.

Processed meat products include every meat product that has passed through the process of salting and chemical processing which prolong their shelf life. Read more about the risks these food products bring.

What happens if you often eat hot dogs, sausages and salami?

1. Obesity
Processed meat products are full of salt, fat and calories. High amount of salt in the body leads to water retention and bloating. The intake of salt and fat increases even more if you eat these products in a sandwich combined with lots of cheese, mayonnaise and similar products.

Regular consumption of processed meat products causes another health problem. High salt and fat intake slows your digestive system and makes you lazy, so instead of doing some physical activity, you would rather take a nap.

2. Heart Disease
Do you have any idea of what your body goes through every time you eat a hot dog or other processed meat? You consume three times more salt compared to a regular roast chicken sandwich. High salt intake is dangerous because it weakens the blood vessels, leading to a heart disease.

Your body can not process large amounts of salt. High salt intake causes water retention which increases the blood flow and the problems appear at this point -- increased blood flow causes your heart to to send more blood to the arteries -- which is an additional pressure.

3. Diabetes
Studies point out the danger of the nitrites contained in meat products. Namely, according to diabetic experts, the nitrites reduce the secretion of insulin and adversely affect the level of blood glucose. According to a recent survey conducted in the Harvard University, a single serving of processed meat products per day (2 slices of salami or a hot dog) increases the risk of diabetes by 29%.

4. Cancer
Swedish researchers found that people who eat meat products have increased risk of developing stomach cancer. A longitudinal study conducted in Hawaii showed that people who ate large amounts of processed meat products had a 67% higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared to those who rarely or never ate these delicacies.

If you still want to consume processed meat products, experts suggest that you limit the consumption, and eat this kind of food not more than once a week.

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