12 Proven Cancer Prevention Strategies and Tactics

The good news is that there are many things that each of us can do to reduce the risk of cancer. It is crucial to take these steps before you are diagnosed with cancer because it is much harder to cure cancer. There are many experts who believe that cancer can be completely prevented and that there is a great chance to be cured from cancer if you follow some of the tips and strategies we will present here.

1. Preparing Food Safely
About 30% of the food you consume on a daily basis should be raw. Steaming and poaching of food is much better than charbroiling and frying. In addition, try to eat foods that can fight off cancer like whole foods, spices, herbs and supplements especially resveratrol,  curcumin and broccoli. There are many articles on our website dedicated to anti-cancer foods, so make sure to do some research.

2. Fat and Protein
In addition, you should try to reduce the levels of protein in your body to about one gram per kg of lean body weight. The vast majority of adults don’t need more than one hundred grams of protein. As a matter of fact, most of them need about 50 grams. Instead of consuming so many proteins, try high-quality fats from organic eggs, coconut oil, avocados and meats with high quality.

3. Carbs and Sugar
Try to lower the intake or completely remove processed foods, foods based on grains and sugar (especially fructose) from your daily menu. This advice also includes unprocessed organic grains because they break down fast and lead to insulin spikes. There is enough evidence that can prove that increased sugar levels increase risk of cancer.

You need to stay away from all forms of sugar and fructose is probably the worst form because it acts as food for cancer cells and speeds up their growth and spreading. The maximum amount of fructose intake should be no more than 25 grams per day including fructose that comes from raw fruits.

4. Omega-3 Fats from Animals
Stabilize the levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fats and establish the right balance. You can do this by consuming krill oil and staying away from highly-processed vegetable oils.

5. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Stay away from genetically modified foods because they are usually grown with the help of herbicides like Roundup and they are more likely to be carcinogenic. A recent study focused on Roundup, conducted by French scientists has shown that this substance is toxic to our cells and most likely carcinogenic. Avoid all risks by taking organic, raw and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

6. Physical Activity
Physical activity drops the levels of insulin, which leads to low sugar environment which ultimately lowers the growth and spread of vicious cancer cells. A study that lasted for three months has shown that physical activity can change immune cells and turn them into a more powerful form that has the strength to fight cancer cells in patients who are taking chemotherapy.

Cancer organizations and scientists are encouraging all cancer patients and all those who want to prevent cancer to exercise on a regular basis in order to fight off cancer. In addition, their research has shown that physical activity can encourage cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells. The best fitness program should include strength, balance, flexibility and HIIT (high intensity interval) training.

7. Probiotics
By improving your gut flora you will be able to improve the immune response and lower inflammation. Scientists have discovered a mechanism dependant on microbes which some cancers use to create an inflammatory response which ultimately leads to their growth and spreading. The research has confirmed that inflammatory cytokines inhibition can slow down the progress of cancer and significantly improve the results of chemotherapy.

In order to protect your body from cancer and accelerate the recovery, you should definitely include some naturally fermented food on the menu. In addition, you can try probiotic supplements, but the natural form is more efficient.

8. Good Sleep
Sleep is one of the most important processes for our health. You must get sufficient amount of restorative sleep. Improper sleep can ruin the production of melatonin which is related to increased chances of weight gain and insulin resistance. These two occurrences are supporting the advance of cancer.

9. Vitamin D
Scientific studies have shown that people can cut the risk of cancer by half if they increase their levels of vitamin D that comes from sun exposure. Healthy people need about 50-70 ng per ml, but in case you are taking cancer treatments you will need up to 90 ng per ml for the best results. In case you take vitamin D and you are suffering from cancer you should check the levels of vitamin D in your system on a regular basis and take vitamin K2 too because lack of vitamin K2 lead to the signs and side effects of vitamin D toxicity.

10. Taking Care of Stress Levels
Stress is one of the reasons why cancer and many other diseases occur in modern people. The CDC has confirmed that about 80% of all diseases are triggered by emotional reasons. In other words, stress and other emotional problems lead to cancer and this is certainly something that you should take into consideration. We have shared some techniques to relieve stress on our website, so please check them.

11. Radiation Exposure
Lower the exposure and make sure that you are safe from radiation that comes from Wi-Fi stations, cell phones and mobile towers and base stations. You should also avoid frequent exposure to medical scans that radiate certain harmful waves like CT scans, x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging and mammograms.

12. Toxin Exposure
Try to lower the exposure to some common environmental toxins including herbicides, pesticides, chemical cleaners, toxic cosmetics and certain air fresheners.

Advice for those who already have cancer
According to many experts in this field, the best approach to eliminate cancer is to keep the cancer cells away from all the food sources that make them grow and develop. Cancer cell don’t have any metabolic flexibility and they cannot process these foods. Only a small number of people know that Dr. Otto Warburg has received a Nobel Prize more than 75 years ago for this discovery, but modern oncologists seem to ignore this fact.

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