This Technique Relieves Headache Effectively And Fast

Many people are affected by migraine or severe headache caused by stress or by poor nutrition. In this article, we will present you the benefits to relieve headache using acupressure. This technique will eliminate the pain in five minutes and you will feel better for the rest of the day.

It originates from the acupuncture and reflexology and the positive effects of the acupressure are recognized scientifically. It is about massaging certain areas with circular movements.

Here are the key areas:


This point is known as third eye and it is placed between the eyebrows. Massage the area and you will eliminate the internal fatigue quickly.

*Punto zan zhu*

It is at the base of the eyebrow’s inner edge. Massage this point to improve the acuity of the vision and reduce the nostril secretions.

*Ying Xiang*

These points are next to the nostrils, below the cheekbones, aligned with the eyes. Massaging the points will give you relieve from a toothache, stress and headache.

*Shuai Gu*

The points are three cm. from the hair line to the ear side. You can feel small holes in those areas. Massage the points to relieve headache and eye fatigue.

*Punto He Gu*

It is found in the back of the hand in the middle of the forefinger and thumb. Massage it to relieve tension in the neck, back pain and toothache.

This technique will relieve some types of pain and aches instantly.

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