This Plant Can Help Cleanse The Liver, Kidney, And Body From Toxins

Have you ever walked on a grassy field then you suddenly feel a stinging sensation on your legs? You might’ve thought that it’s because of insects that bit you. Probably you’re right, but that’s not always the case. There are also times when the grass itself makes our skin feel itchy and other similar reaction. Most of the times, we feel these sensations because the hair-like figures in the leaves and stems of a plant called “stinging nettle” made contact to our skin.

Stinging nettle is a flowering plant that is now commonly found throughout the world, although it originally came from the cold areas in Asia and Europe. Having said that, many may not be aware that they have nettles growing in their surroundings because without their yellow or pink flowers, they don’t have much features that may distinguish them from other plants. Their leaves are heart-shaped with edges. It may not be as well-known today but this plant is very popular even way back in time as the Ancient Greeks used it for medical purposes.

Setting aside the itch and stinging sensation that stinging nettle may bring, it is a plant that is very beneficial in the field of herbal medicine. In fact, there are products nowadays that are made from its stems and leaves because they have an anti-inflammatory content that is useful in treating different kinds of illness. But do you know that the roots of nettles also have a healing content? Yes, you read it right! The stems and leaves may bring ease allergic reactions but the roots are even more beneficial as they can be used to treat urinary problems.

Stinging nettle is a home for many nutritional compounds such as calcium, potassium, manganese, iron, and Vitamins A and C. Because of these, nettles are used for a wide range of medical uses including skin care, improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system, improving one’s energy levels, regulating the health of the kidneys and detoxifying the body, manage menstruation and limit the symptoms of menopause, prevents diabetes, and treat hemorrhoids. Read on to see how helpful nettles can be when it comes to the field of herbal medicine.

First, stinging nettle can protect heart health. Drinking nettle tea is said to have positive effects on the cardiovascular system as it relieves tension from the blood vessels, which enables the blood to flow freely. As mentioned earlier, this plant is a home of iron and Vitamin C, which is essential in boosting the production RBC or Red Blood Cells. Because of this, the overall circulation of the blood increases and bringing oxygen to the other parts of the body is happening smoothly. Thus, fatigue and weakness are being avoided as energy levels are being boosted, and even wounds heal faster because blood, with its plasma content, flows to it efficiently.

This plants is being highly recommended to expectant mothers as it can help in pregnancy. As many are aware, labor can be very painful but if nettle tea is consumed, experiencing too painful labor may be avoided. He tea can also act as a coagulant that may help the expectant mother not to have excessive bleeding. After giving birth, mothers should still drink nettle leaves as it makes lactation easier and boosts the production of milk.

Detoxification and getting rid of the toxins in the body is another reason that we should be thankful for stinging nettle. Having lots of nutrients that are stored in this plant, it can easily cleanse the body toxins. It is also a great help for the kidneys, which detoxifies the blood that passes through them, as nettle leaves can also detoxify these body organs.

It’s already a great help to people because it is a diuretic but do you know that nettle tea can also dissolve kidney stones? Breaking down kidney stones may be very difficult because of our continued consumption of salty foods but it won’t be a problem anymore if you’ll just drink tea made of this herb because of its nephritic abilities. Drinking this tea will prevent the condition from worsening to the point that only a surgery can get rid of the kidney stones. Another good news is that nettle tea can also regulate the salt and minerals in the body, hence preventing the kidney stones from developing before it can even start.

If your joints are making it difficult for you or if you’re feeling muscle pain, it is recommended that you drink nettle tea because it is a great anti-inflammatory. It is a natural stimulant and rubefacient substance, which makes it very helpful when it comes to treating conditions like arthritis, gout, and muscle pain. This was already proven by many types of research in the past so rest assured, it is safe and very much effective.

And lastly, for skin care. Stinging nettle contains a high level of anti-oxidant properties which is necessary for faster healing and repairing of damaged skin cells. Because of this, scars and blemishes are being limited to a person who consumes its extract. Aside from that, its antioxidant and anti-aging properties also enable it to reduce wrinkles and the outbreak of too much acne, thus maintaining the fair skin of the person.

These are just a few of the many benefits that stinging nettle can give. With all these medical benefits, we hope that the next time you feel a stinging sensation because of nettles, you won’t be annoyed and pluck the plant. Just see it as if the plant is reminding you that if ever you experienced any of the above-mentioned conditions, all you’ll need is stinging nettle to feel better. Let’s appreciate the hidden gems of nature such as this one because they make life easier, especially when it comes to our health aspect. Don’t forget to share this article so your friends and relatives may discover how much an “unknown plant” which makes the skin itchy can benefit them in a lot of ways.

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