Sleep Disorders - Top Reasons Why Most Of Women Falls Asleep Easily While Watching Movies!

Watching your favorite movie with your girlfriend or wife till late at night may sound the most exciting thing that tops your weekend’s to-do list! However, there may be times when your partner may start to snore away in just 15 minutes after starting the movie.

There can be several reasons why women fall asleep easily during movies. One of the top reasons for it is lack of proper sleep during the night. Everyone in today’s age leads a busy life and with such busy schedule, staying up late on weekends for movies can make them sleepy.

Are women more sleep-deprived?

Studies have shown that women are generally more sleep-deprived and tired at the end of the day. The complaints of fatigue are more prevalent in women than in men. It might also be the result of sleep disorders in the women.

Sleeping disorders are typically group of syndromes that are characterized by the disturbance in patient’s quality and amount of sleep. It also includes the physiological or behaviors conditions related with sleep.

Sleep cycles normally vary with person’s age. Plus, the average amount of time of sleep at night also varies from one person to another. It is advised to the adults to get a quality sleep for around 7-9 hours every night.

Most of the women claim to feel tired more than the men. With too much housework involved, they are likely to get more tired at the end of the day. Many studies have even shown that women need more quality sleep for more hours than men. Sleep deprivation is also more common among the women with small children.

What are the best ways to get a quality sleep at night?

Most important symptoms of the sleep disorders are sleepiness during waking hours and insomnia. Insomnia is more common out of the two symptoms. It includes a variety of different patterns of the sleep disturbance.

These patterns mostly include the inability to sleep at bedtime, repeated awakening while sleeping at night or the inability to fall asleep once awakened. Apart from following a healthy lifestyle and preventing from over-exposure to the blue light at night, the other most important thing is having a right mattress.

Yeah, the right mattress can offer you a comfortable sleep without any disturbance. If you get appropriate sleep for about eight hours every night, you are likely going to spend 1/3rd of your entire life on that mattress. However, many people fail to realize the importance of a perfect mattress and its impacts on their lives.

Therefore, selecting a right mattress is very important to ensure a good night sleep. An ideal mattress for you would allow you to sleep without any strain and will also enable you to wake up afresh without causing any kind of pressure on your body.

There are many reputable online sites that offer a wide range of different mattresses matching to different needs. A good review site to check out is that offers the best suggestions on top mattresses and its types.

So, it is indeed a high time for you to choose an ideal mattress for you and get quality of sleep for sufficient hours. With proper sleep, you will even be able to watch your favorite movie without sleeping on couch!

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