Get to Know Why Facial Hair Shaving Can Also Be For Women

Yes, you heard it right. Now women can also shave their face because of the amazing benefits it offers. May be it appears weird to you, but it is true.Women shave their face.

Every women is not blessed with flawless skin. For some of them extra growth of facial hair is still a major concern. In fact, in Japan, the trend of facial shaving for women is growing dramatically. Dermatologist also considering it a better idea.

Why Women Should Shave Their Facial Hair ?

  • If done in proper way, on skin pre-moistened by soap or shaving gel and with sharp blade, shaving is less likely to cause skin irritation.
  • It is cheaper option than waxing and laser hair removal and even less time consuming.
  • It's perfect idea to get ready for sudden  occasions.
  • Shaving tend to remove the top layer of the dead skin cells and this removal keeps the skin smooth and soft, which ultimately means make up will go flawlessly on the skin.
  • A smooth , hair-free skin also tend to absorb moisture in better way.
  • A razor evenly cut the baby hairs, the fine light colored strands referred as vellushair which waxing can not.
  • It has some anti-aging effect too. It's like a mild form of microdermabrasion that encourages production of collagen, reducing wrinkles. Whenever there is trauma to the skin, collagen help in renewal of the cells.
  • The hair tends to grow thinner and not thicker after shaving.

So, break that all stereotype and it's completely a myth that after shaving hair will regrow thicker.Shaving put no effect on rate of hair regrowth, thickness,color and texture.

Always shave in the direction of the hair growth and do it slowly. Never use a dull razor.

Its recommended to shave in the direction of the hair growth and just do slowly and slowly. Always use new razor.Just make sure you use that razor for shaving your facial hair and not for other body parts. This will help in avoiding skin infections and rashes. Always wash the razor properly and keep it at dry place.

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