Diet and Exercise Plan for Losing 10 Kg Weight in 10 Days With the Help of Magical Green Tea

There is no one in this world who is satisfied with their body type, few want to increase weight and other wants to reduce it. The number of people who wish to reduce weight is quite higher than those who wish to gain weight.

Here we have mentioned a diet and activity plan for people who wish for fast weight reduction. However, it is not recommended to lose such a big amount of weight in a short timeframe but again there are circumstances that make people to do that like marriage or other big function coming up in family where one needs to meet relatives and looking good at such ceremonies is a pressure.

To boost-up the pace of weight reduction we have added a simple home-made tea that we are calling Magical Green tea. Magical Green Tea is concoction of a few Indian herbs, this tea fastens the metabolism and helps in reducing weight at a fast pace, below is the recipe for it.

Ingredients: 5-6 mint leaves, 5-6 fresh basil leaves, ginger shreds, lemon juice, Water as needed.

Recipe:Boil 2 cups of water and add shredded ginger and green tea leaves, then turn off the flame and add the mint and basil leaves to it, once it comes to a temperature that you can drink it add 1 tsp of lime juice thenstrain it and drink it hot.

Please Note: Consult with your doctor before trying any diet or exercise.

What all to eat:

1) Cucumbers

2) Apples

3) Magical Green Tea(recipe below)

4) Huge amount of detox Water(water infused with cucumbers, ginger or other herbs)

5) Boiled Eggs

What not to eat:

1) Any form of Sugar

2) Any fruit other than Apple

3) Any cooked vegetable

4) Any form of grains

5) Dairy items

Try to adhere to the schedule below

Morning Breakfast and Activity: After waking up drink 1 liter of hot water (higher temp than warm water) than go for a 45-minute normal pace walk. After coming have a breakfast that comprise of 3 boiled eggs and our Magical Green tea, eat slowly so it is easy to digest and you feel full.

Lunch: Lunch includes Cucumber only, any number of cucumber can be eaten, you can garnish the cucumbers with salt and pepper. Eat till you feel full.

Evening Snacks: Drink the Magical Green tea and take 1 apple with it, then again go for a normal pace walk for at least 45 minutes.

Dinner: It comprise of Magical green tea and again any number of cucumbers you wish to eat.

Though this schedule looks a bit tough to follow but many people who did it swears by it. It should be followed only under the guidance of your doctor and if you have a huge pressure to reduce weight in the stipulated time. If you adhere with the schedule 100% of the time, you can see a reduction in weight up to 10 kg. Do not continue the diet for more than 10 days.

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