6 Signs That Show You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar is actually a carbohydrate that is not necessary in the diet because other foods represent a much more nutritious source of glucose and finally what interests us about carbohydrates is that they are a source of glucose necessary for the functioning of all our organs.

To persuade of this, and to know that in addition the refined sugar is harmful in general for the health, many people insists on including it in the feeding of indiscriminate form.

The World Health Organization recently recommended decreasing sugar consumption. The recommended is no more than 6 tablespoons a day.

That’s why in this post we leave you 6 signs that tell you that you are eating too much sugar and you should reconsider:

1. Feeling tired or tired

If we are the people who consume sugars at breakfast, lunch and dinner, it will be very common for you to have low levels of energy during the afternoon. And not only that, but also you will be prone to develop headaches or desire to go to sleep during the day.

2. Hypertension.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, during 2014 an investigation determined that adding sugars to our diet will probably also import more sodium into the diet giving hypertension problems.

3. Slow healing in wounds.

There are several reasons why a wound can be cured slowly. Poor circulation, elevations of blood sugar that has effects on blood vessels, and immunodeficiency are only a few. If you experience frequent infections and wounds that heal slowly, it may be an early symptom.

4. Muscular fatigue.

Exercise routines are not so simple for those who consume a lot of sugar. If we notice that performing certain exercises is becoming more difficult, what may have caused this may be poor diet. When you consume large amounts of sugar and exercise, you will see a rapid rise in blood sugar, followed by a rapid decline that will leave us exhausted and make our muscles weaker and less resistant.

5. Very thirsty

Extreme thirst is one of the first notable signs of consuming too much sugar. It is linked to the levels of sugar (blood sugar) in the blood, which causes thirst, and is aggravated by frequent urination.

6. Skin problems.

Sugar has an inflammatory effect on the body when you ingest it, this can also cause inflammatory problems in the skin.

Excessive consumption of sugar can cause adrenal fatigue, one of the signs of this fatigue are dark circles.

Now that you know this information perhaps you should reconsider including sugar in your diet, that you eat a dessert once in a while will certainly not kill you but honestly check if your sugar consumption is adequate

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