4 Health Benefits Of Egg Whites You Never Knew

Egg white health benefits: From aiding weight loss to strengthening bones, benefits of egg whites are many. Read below to know some amazing health benefits of egg whites.

Egg whites (eggs without yolks) are quite popular among people on a weight loss regime. Rightly known as superfood, eggs are known to have numerous health benefits. But because of their fat and caloric content, egg yolks were scrapped from numerous diets. This is probably because of the belief that egg yolks may lead to weight gain and may contribute to increase in cholesterol levels in the body. High cholesterol levels can be dangerous for people with heart diseases. Egg whites, on the other hand, are low in cholesterol and rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. Egg whites are also safe for consumption for heart patients.

Furthermore, vitamins and minerals in egg whites can help in improving blood flow in the body. Below are some more health benefits of egg whites which you must know:

1. Egg whites improve brain function

Egg whites contain a compound known as choline. This compound is a macro nutrient which can help in healthy generation of DNA. It ensures proper signaling of nerves along with detoxification. Choline is an important requirement for proper functioning of the nervous system.

2. Egg whites are important for muscle growth

Protein-rich egg whites are great for muscle growth. Regular consumption of egg whites can help in strengthening muscles, fighting fatigue and improving immunity.

3. Egg whites can help in dealing with obesity

The highly nutritious egg whites can help in dealing with obesity - which can increase risks of heart disease, respiratory issues and even diabetes. Sodium, potassium and protein-rich egg whites can be good for obese people. It is low in fats and calories and helps you keep full for longer.

4. They help in strengthening bones

Egg whites are rich in calcium. Calcium-rich foods are good for bone health. Including egg whites in your daily diet can contribute to stronger bones and prevent risks of osteoporosis and fractures. Egg whites help in increasing bone density and longevity of bones.

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