30 Science-Backed Uses For Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life

Coconut oil has become all the rage over the past couple of years due to its healing properties. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral. You are probably familiar with some of its health benefits, but do you know exactly how good for you it actually is? At this point, there are more than 1,500 studies that prove it to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Scientifically proven and evidence-based uses for coconut oil:

Body and Skin care

Skin hydration
Coconut oil is superior to most lotions or oils when it comes to hydrating skin.

Wrinkle prevention/elimination
Coconut oil has been proven to help delay the aging process.

Protects hair against sun damage
Additionally, It also helps control frizz.

Hair growth booster
It also prevents hair breakage.

Alternative to shaving cream
Coconut oil soothes the skin and prevents razor burn, leaving a long-lasting effect.

To make your own deodorant, boil coconut oil with beeswax, shea butter, and essential oil of choice.

Body scrub base
To make your own exfoliator, add some brown sugar or Epsom salts to coconut oil. Simple as that!

Massage oil
Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, coconut oil works wonders for the skin and muscles.

Coconut oil serves as great lubricant !

Tattoo moisturizer
Fresh ink can be kept moist with coconut oil, which helps reduce fading and promotes faster healing.

 Pregnancy/Nursing Care

Nipple cream
Coconut oil helps soothe skin irritation from nursing.

Soothes diaper rash
Coconut oil helps soothe skin irritation from diapers.

Baby skin hydrator
Not only it hydrates the skin, coconut oil also helps soothe your baby`s skin.

Natural Remedies

 Heals cuts
Coconut oil accelerates the healing process of minor wounds.

Promotes weight loss
It has been scientifically shown that coconut oil promotes weight loss by replacing old fats with better, healthier ones.

Reinforces immune system health
Being so nutritious, coconut oil helps the body resist infections and illness.

Relieves digestion
Coconut oil helps alleviate indigestion and constipation.

Regulates cholesterol levels
Coconut oil keeps cholesterol levels in check and promotes cardiovascular health.

Soothes sunburn
As already discussed, coconut oil hydrates the skin, particularly after sunburn.

Relieves toothaches
Coconut oil relieves toothaches by killing bacteria in the mouth.

Curbs appetite
Coconut oil`s effects on appetite are related to the way the fatty acids in it are metabolized.

Home Uses

Leather cleaner
To shine your leather, try a little bit of coconut oil.

Wood Polish
Instead of using chemical-filled and pricy cleaners, try some coconut oil to polish your wood.

Gum removal
You can remove sticky mess from your carpets, chairs, or shoes by rubbing coconut oil on them.

Remove a ring that’s too small
Coconut oil can help you remove a ring that is stuck on your finger.

Rust removal
To remove rusty surfaces, put a thin layer of coconut oil on the spot, let it work for a few hours, and wipe it off with a rack afterwards.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking or baking oil
Given that it has the ability to withstand high temperature, this healthy oil can be safely used as cooking or baking oil.

Coffee creamer
It creates a smooth, tasty texture!

Smoothie ingredient
Not only it gives smoothies a creamy texture, but it also adds plenty of nutrients too.

Mayonnaise is not good for you, so why not use coconut oil as an alternative?

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