17 Bladder Infection Symptoms (And How to Fix It)

Women are more prone to bladder infection than men as they have a shorter urethra. Diagnosing an infection is not necessarily difficult if you know how to recognize the symptoms.

What is bladder infection?

Infections can be either chronic or acute. If neglected, the infection can spread. Certain people are at higher risk for UTI type infections, whether they begin in the bladder or progress there. Sex, health, age, and sanitary habits can increase the risk.

17 Bladder Infection Symptoms

Frequency of urination
When there is an infection, your urge to urinate increases rapidly.

Adults running a low-grade fever will no cause the body any harm as long as you stay properly hydrated. But, any temperature above 100.4 seeks medical attention.

Factors like stress, low blood pressure, anxiety, and allergies can cause this reaction. The treatment depends on whether a fever is present. Generally, avoid heating devices and heavy blankets, and use light clothing and coverings instead.

Severe to mild vomiting is definitely a symptom. Take a spoonful of light liquids every fifteen minutes, and if the vomiting continues and appears like coffee grounds, seek medical attention.

Cloudy urine
While normal urine can vary, it is generally a pale yellow. If you notice a lot of cloudiness or foam, you might have an infection.

Bloody urine
Red tinted urine can cause alarm! But, don’t freak out right away, because certain foods and medications can alter your urine`s color.

Pain when urinating
The pain can be felt as a fiery pinch or quick stabbing pain and it could be in the bladder, urethra, or the small piece of skin which connects the genitals to the anal region.

Ammonia smelling urine
Just like the color of your urine, an infection can change the way your pee smells. This is a result of bacteria and pus that might be present. Don’t worry, the smell will go away once the infection clears.

Decreased urine output
If you have decreased urine output with frequency ifurination, it might be UTI-type infection to blame. You feel like you are about to burst, but only a little amount of urine releases.

Stomach pain
Sharp pains in the lower stomach can point to a bladder infection. People often confuse it with conditions like stomach flu, indigestion, or appendicitis. When combined with other symptoms, such as frequent urination, it might be a UTI.

Lower back pain
Some people might feel dull or stabbing pain on both sides of the lower back or on one. A heating pad or a heat water bottle might relieve some discomfort. Meditation can also help.

Bloating and constipation can occur with UTI-type infections, mostly due to a lack of fluids.

Mental fog and anxiety
If you are running a low grade or higher fever, you might experience a mild confusion.  Lack of sleep and urination frequency can play a role in your mental fog.

As your body is expending resources to fight off the infection, you might experience fatigue. Skip coffee ad opt for green tea instead.

If you have a bladder infection, you could lose bladder control. Urinary incontinenceis more common because of the extreme urge to pee.

Without or with vomiting, you might experience nausea, manifested as swimming sensation in the lower stomach. Sip ginger tea to relieve the discomfort.

Lack of appetite
Lack of appetite can be a result of the nausea,vomiting, or fever,

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