Thyme Improves Your Eye Sight And Prevents Colon Cancer

Thyme has been used in culinary and medicinal applications for years. This herb is native to certain parts of Africa and to the Mediterranean region. Thyme is usually added in meat dishes, soups, flavorful garnish and sauces. This herb has many health benefits for which it should be used. Here are some health benefits of thyme:

Health benefits of thyme

Immune System:
Thyme is rich with Vitamin C. This vitamin is vital for the production of the red blood cells. These kinds of cells are very important for the body because they are defending the immune system from any kind of disease. Also this vitamin is vital for the production of the collagen. Collagen is very important for the creation and repair of blood vessels, cells, tissues and muscles.

Respiratory issues:
This herb has been used for decades in the medicine because it is known its role as respiratory health agent. If you are suffering from cold, bronchitis, flu, chronic asthma, blocked sinuses, congestion and seasonal allergies, then you should use thyme as your natural remedy. This is possible because thyme is acting like expectorant and anti-inflammatory substance. This means that when the thyme is consumed in the body it is eliminating the mucus and phlegm from the respiratory tract. When this is happening, then your inflammation is reduced which can help you to breathe better. Also thyme can prevent the development of the microbial infections which can be reason for these kinds of diseases. You should make a tea from thyme leaves which can help you to reduce the symptoms caused by some of the mentioned respiratory diseases.

Thyme improves your vision
Vision Booster:
If you want to keep the health of your eyes, then you should use thyme in your diet. This herb is rich with Vitamin A and carotenoids which are making this herb perfect antioxidant agent for boosting your vision. Carotenoids which are contained in the thyme are preventing from macular degeneration. Also this element is preventing from cataracts. This is possible because carotenoids are known for its effect to neutralize the free radicals which are found in your vision system.

Reduce Stress:
Thyme is a rich source of Vitamin B6. This vitamin is having vital effect for some neurotransmitters in the brain which are directly linked to the stress hormones in the body. When you have stressful situation or when you just want to ease your mind, then you should add thyme in your diet because it will help you a lot to reduce the stress.

Anti-fungal ability:
Thymol is the most active ingredient which is found in this herb. You should use thyme in your diet because this herb can prevent your immune system from viral and fungal infections.

Iron is found in large amounts in this herb. Iron is vital for the production of the red blood cells. This ability is very important because it is boosting the oxygenation and the blood circulation in the body.

Antioxidant capacity:
This herb has been used many decades in the natural medicine because it has ability to boost your overall health. Thymonin, lutein and zeaxanthin are neutralizing and eliminating the free radicals in your body. If you are not treating those radicals, then you can have very serious diseases. Also thyme is helping a lot in reducing the stress.

Heart health:
Thyme is rich with manganese and potassium which are very important for keeping the heart’s health. Potassium is acting like vasodilator. This means that this element can reduce the stress on your cardiovascular system by lowering your blood pressure and relaxing your blood vessels. You will be safe from heart attacks, coronary heart diseases, strokes and atherosclerosis.

Colon cancer:
If you are suffering from colon cancer, then you should use this herb in your diet. There are many studies in which is shown that this herb has major effect in helping the people to cure when people are suffering from colon cancer. It is one of the best home remedies for this type of cancer.

Yeast infection:
Yeast infections are caused by Candida albicans. This infection is happening on the vagina. When women are suffering from this kind of infection, they should not be worried because this infection is easily recurring. If you are suffering from yeast infection, then you should use thyme because this herb can kill the Candida albicans which is cause for this kind of disease.

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