This Unique Combo Stops Nose And Gum Bleeds, Bruises And Internal Bleeding

We will present you a story about a young girl who had frequent nose bleeds and the pediatrician claimed that it will stop once she grows up. There was a situation when her nose was bleeding profusely for half an hour, and nothing the doctor tried was working.

Her father claims that the trigger for such bleeding is the food that she had been eating. he also says that her nose usually started bleeding when she ate junk food, so he could manage this problem by controlling her diet. Once he started giving her juices and supplements, the nosebleeds stopped.


During winter, nosebleeds occur out of nowhere when the nasal membranes dry out due to dry and warm household heaters.

Those who take medications which prevent blood clotting, aspirin or any kind of anti-inflammatory medication suffer from nosebleeds.

Nosebleeds also occur in winter due to the frequency of upper respiratory infections, and temperature humidity.

Change of temperature also causes nosebleeds, especially if you are outside in cold weather and you enter inside to a warm and dry home.

The following risk factors predispose people to nosebleeds:

-Use of blood thinning medications

-Alcohol abuse

-High consumption of processed and deep-fried foods

-Body that is highly acidic

-Stress and lack of sleep

-Deficiency in certain vitamins


-Trauma, including self-induced by nose picking (this is a common cause of nosebleeds in children)

-Hypertension (high blood pressure)

-Less common causes of nosebleeds include tumors and inherited bleeding problems

-Hormonal changes during pregnancy may increase the risk of nosebleeds.


Make sure to eliminate all kinds of junk and processed foods from your diet in order to prevent nosebleeds. Moreover, eliminate meat, dairy products and sugary foods as well, at least until you are healed.

In order to heal, you need to consume fruits and veggies on a daily basis, as well as to drink juices that are rich in vitamin C.

The following foods will help you heal nosebleeds: oranges, carrots, grapefruits, guavas, cranberries, strawberries and most green vegetables. Besides eating them, you can also prepare smoothies and start drinking about 6-8 oz of vitamin C-rich juices twice per day. Most importantly, drink a lot of water.

This will help you reduce the number of nosebleeds, and eventually, they will stop.


The following recipe is not like other recipes because the taste of lotus root and jicala is rather bland when juiced, yet the benefits are many.

What you need:

-1 medium-sized carrot

-1 large orange

-1 section of lotusroot

-1 medium-sized jicama (yam bean)

-1 inch ginger (optional but gives the drink that extra kick)

The great solution to produce high juice yield is to use a masticating juicer. With these ingredients, you will get about 800 ml worth of juice. It tastes like an orange-flavored powdery milk.

-Health Benefits

All of the abovementioned ingredients are abundant in vitamin C and flavonoids which is why they are excellent for strengthening respiratory health issues such as nasal congestion, asthma, phlegm, common cold and sinus.

Moreover, the consumption of vitamin C on a daily basis will prevent the hardening of the arteries, will strengthen the immune system, soothe the gastrointestines and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

When it comes to lotusroot, it is abundant in vitamin B, C and in minerals like calcium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, iron and protein. Its consumption will help you reduce nose and gum bleeding, but besides that, it will also stop diarrhea, calm the stomach, reduce body heat, relieve constipation, sinus congestion, inflammation, etc.

Lotusroot combined with orange will provide health benefits for the lungs and the liver.

Instead of orange, you can also use grapefruit, but make sure to use it only if you are not taking medications.

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