Natural Treatment Options That Can Help Cure Itchy Feet

Itch on any part of your body can be a nuisance. Itchy foot can put you over the brink, particularly when you are wearing shoes. Do not be worried because these itchy feet remedies can bring you relief in no time.

The most common reasons behind itchy feet are dry skin and overly moist feet. Home remedies for itchy feet may not work effectively on red coloured, cracked, scaly, smelly or blistered feet. Such cases are serious and need to be treated by a professional doctor.

There are several natural treatments for itchy, dry feet. The following are some of them.

Baking soda paste

Add 2 spoonfuls of water to 1 spoonful of baking soda. Stir the mixture until a paste forms. Apply the paste on your feet thoroughly, including on the crevices. Leave the paste on for 10 minutes and wash off with cold water. Pat your feet dry with a soft towel. Baking soda paste on itchy feet will relieve burning sensation and quell discomfort. If you experience continual itching despite using this home remedy or experience further skin irritation, speak to your doctor.


One of the most effective home remedies for itchy feet is the application of white vinegar to the feet. Vinegar fights fungus just when it is in the initial stage of growth. Use one part vinegar to five parts water.

Tea tree oil and aloe vera

Combine a few drops of tea tree oil with aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture on your feet after you have cleaned them well. Use this remedy three times a day and you will experience a decrease in discomfort.

Foot soaks

Saltwater soak - Saltwater soak is one of the easiest remedies to treat itchy feet. All it requires one to do is soak feet in salt water. Stir 2 teaspoonfuls of salt in 1 pint of warm water, pour the mixture into a shallow pan and immerse your feet in the liquid for about 10 minutes. Do it thrice a day.

Oatmeal soak – Soaking your feet in warm water with a little amount of uncooked oatmeal can help reduce itching and irritation.

Lemon soak – Juice of a freshly squeezed lemon can help you get rid of feet itching. Mix the juice in a pint of water and soak your feet in it. The solution kills fungi and bacteria responsible for causing itching.

Mint – Fresh mint leaves or mint tea can be used as a soak formula to get rid of feet itching and numb skin irritation on your feet.


Natural fibre (such as cotton, wool and leather) socks and shoes or avoiding footwear at home can prevent moisture from sticking to your feet and thus, lessen fungal growth and itching.

Most of these home remedies for dry itchy feet will alleviate the sensation and relieve your discomfort. If itching persists, see a doctor.

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