How Does Prune Juice Help In Constipation

Constipation is an unlikable experience that all of us have been through at some point of time. Not everyone is like Amitabh Bachchan's character from 'Piku', who likes to discuss about this embarrassing problem related with bowel movements. But the truth is that the old man is actually right in addressing this sickening, uncomfortable problem, because it’s quickly catching on. You may have tried a number of things to treat your constipation problem, but have you tried prune juice yet? Well if haven't, here is why prune juice is the best remedy for constipation.

Prunes and prune juice: Your saviour for constipation

Many people don’t know that including prunes or prune juice in your diet is the best cure for constipation. According to a study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, prune juice can help prevent constipation and even possibly reduce chances of developing colon cancer. Yes, that’s right. Prunes are known to be loaded with nutrients that can control obesity, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases.

The research also suggested that use of prunes and prune juice is apparently more effective than any other constipation-relieving remedy. Surprisingly, according to another study conducted at Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, prunes can treat constipation more effectively than some medications that contain psyllium. One study even suggested that people should use prunes as a first-line therapy for constipation. Aren’t these enough reasons to try prune juice to relieve constipation?

What this super fruit offers you

You may be aware of the fact that dried plums are actually considered good for your overall health. While fiber is known to play a vital role in relieving constipation, prune juice is filtered therefore; it does not contain high fiber content as present in dried prunes. Nevertheless, both dried plums and prune juice are excellent laxatives because they are loaded with high contain of sorbitol.

Dried plums are also a rich source of iron that keeps anemia at bay, potassium which is good for healthy blood pressure, sugars combined with soluble fiber that provide energy, phenolic compounds that play a major in preventing chronic diseases, and boron that prevents osteoporosis.

What is the recommended dosage for prune juice

Prune juice for constipation can be used by both adults and children. The recommended dosage of prune juice for constipation for an infant is 2- 4 ounces at a time while for adults, it is 4-8 ounces at a time. However, if you are experiencing chronic constipation, drinking prune juice may not solve your problem. It is recommended that you consult your doctor instead of trying home remedies.

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